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Rocky here for my go to fireworks store Rosie's famous fireworks for My Fourth of July celebrations. Rosie's is the only place I shop. They have premium fireworks, and you can shop in store or from your home for easy pickup. Make your fourth Spectacular When you shop at Ross, the fireworks dot com rich gentleman here joined me to find out what you need to do with your investments, savings and all your personal finances in these volatile times. I'm also answering questions so tune in to the Rick Adelman show every Saturday from 11 a.m. To noon. Right here on 700 WLW. This is a true freedom event. The Freedom sale at Branch affair has free furniture deals for every room like free chairs. Recliners Nightstands Atmore, plus 48 month special financing, call 800 66 30 40 for financing details. Peach Party at United Dairy Farmers in your invited beauty of peach ice cream is back. 48 ounce cartons on ly 3 99 dairy fresh cream ripened, juicy peaches. All it really peachy price. Hurry in this peach party can't last forever And it's on ly UDF. Alright, you're facing do churches. It's time to contact Jeff Meadows He's handled nearly 3000 over. He teaches attorneys have a fight over. He's represented cops busted for Oh, via these. The attorney, You need good meadows law firm dot com. Mendel's law firm dot com Live from the 700 WLW studio, driven by my cast Truc board in Milford and Alexandria, visit the largest volume four dealer in the Tri state and let them save you time and money there number one reason that my cast Truc Ford Alone its path come in. 6 53 in the Queen City. Chick Ludwig Welcome back to TRL Carrier Sports Talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Last segment. I asked fans Where did you play ball? Growing up? The trickster. Was it Del High Park Dell? Hi, Junior High US Camp Jem..

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