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Welcome in everybody another new addition a selfish being here on a Tuesday. And for the first time we're actually having one of these shows after a completed NBA season. Let's bring in of course Evan Valenti, you know him producer sometimes those to the program office in Thompson. Our featured guest who is good friend of the show has been on many times. Although the last time Ian that we had John was right before the season and I know we were texting, you know, we were thinking of each other off. I suppose as the Lakers were hoisting that Larry O'Brien trophy because we had a pretty good debate going into the year as to who was going to win a championship and in particular where the Lakers stood out from the get-go big on l a i was very skeptical. I don't remember and I haven't gone back to listen exactly what I said, although I do remember saying I didn't think they'd win. I didn't think they'd make it to the finals maybe, you know off its final or something like that. But clearly they went out they were awesome. It's been about a year. So how how are you? How is everything and we can dive into the LA stuff, too? You know, I think I'm doing this. Well as anybody could right now everybody I know is healthy and getting on you know watching these p.m. We also just amazed at how well with all came off. I was I was a real bubble skeptic going in and I thought they were really taking the risk cuz they were they might be hurting their product by playing in these conditions with Iraq and some people might not enjoy the MBA the same or even worse that you may end up feel like the only like you're watching like a B-movie like you had double stars, but they were being directed by Rodger Corman or you know, something you know, whatever the production value was going to be really bad and it turned out to be just the opposite is that was watching these games. I hardly even notice that they weren't fans. Um, and you surely couldn't tell from the play of the players. It was just as intense dead. Hard-working is ever so it's it was a real Revelation to me that it worked out. So well, I'd love to say congrats to the Lakers on their title, but I wouldn't mean it nevertheless..

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