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From you know Robinson lives in fear review at class. I did not do that Gerry. Callahan the floor is yours. Can you please ask Steve Robinson from me. How much sound did cut up Robert Gramlich? Because I did not have a cutoff Jerry. Why not Just a bad judgment. I was cutting up other sound kind of sound from the press conference. That was one piece of sound. I didn't cut up highlight part. We asked to copy every shot. They won I have the longer cuts of him talking with the cops. He has longer cuts of the longer. Meaning the entire periscope video. He cut up nothing. Nothing funny you get nothing. I we know what you're just jealous and not sure why I'm still helpful. But he has it now. I heard I can't even talk. I've I've spent the entire hour and forty five minutes. We've been calling different listeners. The podcast hosts people around the country to confirm sees a fucking idiot. But I you know the idea that that I'm gonNA feel bad at all about this. Our anandas thing as we said three years ago whatever is so insane. It's just at work if he did you play the sound now. Play this killing Steve the entire time all good yeah. I'm glad you have your priorities straight. I respect that but it's amazing they have an and you know maybe maybe you know hold a colony can help your real pro. Oh in there to do it. Yeah it'd be good reporter. who wasn't Piccolo? WHO's now at the New York time? Maria Cramer never heard of it but she says that we were insensitive. We shouldn't have outed him regardless of what he did. Even if it's the motive for the murder that they don't do things things like that out people because it's salacious. Oh so it's like it will be like outing a celebrities trying to live a quiet life. Who's WHO's not a serial killer right? Oh that's seems reasonable reasonable lines of thinking. Give me one example. The Globe like to write this from.

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