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From sense. So you're worried about home security. Here's a tape from the sense. Hang a confederate flag that can be seen from the street. Sure the neighbors may think you're races by the criminals will know you have a gun. How'd you make this has been a life tip from cincy atom. Oh right thanks to maybe giovanni digging up that stuff. Yeah yeah. it's funny. I have no recollection of any of that true. Well the whole thing about any sense a atom thing is whether it's an you know two diaries or confederate flag. It's it's got got it be true. It's gotta meet you. You're not going to do it but it's still has to be. That's right all right anderson the spider silva by the way you have seen legend. We've had a lot of legends. And he he's going to be fighting. Cesar chavez oh junior right and then senior chavis senior. Julio cesar chavez it's going to be fighting hector camacho junior forgot about that co main event well so Julio cesar chavez guy was like ninety zero before he got beat like literally maybe made it eighty nine or something was the guy that took him down. Geez i dunno. I hope it was camacho senior. That would be awesome. Hector macho camacho. But he's fighting camacho's son i'll and then he's given away not as many years as you'd think i dunno kaelin look it up or something. But julio cesar chavez you'd think would be twenty-five years older but he's i don't know i was looking into it he's like eighteen or nineteen years old or something that come on come on and i would note is not nothing. And then julio cesar chavez his son is fighting the older anderson's ever in a boxing match so not mixed martial arts anyway. interesting Interesting story so what do we got Max pat don't you think your skills take him. What screens all.

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