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Week, the FDA is expected to approve a new round of covid shots by Pfizer and Moderna to prepare Americans for the fall and winter season, just as covid cases are on the rise again. An escaped convict in Pennsylvania has been out and about, but police can't catch him. CBS Philadelphia's Brandon Goldner. Police say Cavalcante stole a dairy delivery van Saturday night and drove about 25 miles to a former co -worker's house, where a doorbell camera spotted him with a new look. Now clean shaven and sweatshirt, wearing a bright green he made a second attempt at another co -worker's house, apparently looking for help evading authorities both times. He's a convicted killer and broke out of a county prison 12 days ago. At the US Open, Novak Djokovic won his fourth title and record extending 24th major championship. 36 At years old, he is now the oldest person to ever win the tournament. Opening bells in a half hour, futures Wall Street are pointing to a higher open. This is CBS News. Exergen thermometers are fast, non -invasive, clinically accurate, and available for medical and home use. Find exergen thermometers at Martin Walgreens. Learn more at exergen .com. 22 years ago at this moment, a terror attack was unfolding on the US. We observe a moment of silence now at 903, when terrorists struck the Tower South of the World Trade Center in New York on Saturday. Today, there are future plans to help illustrate one important part of the story. Neil Augenstein continues our team bridge. Here at Arlington National Cemetery is where the 9 -11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Station Center will be built. It's within the portion of the cemetery that's being expanded to add 60 is located. Here along Columbia Pike is a work zone to accommodate the cemetery's expansion. The education center will be within sight of

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