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Was paralyzed during her floor. Routine the international gymnastics federation has made some safety changes since then. The vaulting table is now different. And there's a u. Shape matt around the springboard and the move that left mukhin paralyzed since been banned still knowing stories. Like these lewis says. That biles was well aware of how dangerous it could be for her to continue competing while suffering from the twisties. Did byles say anything about or have you learned from talking to people close to her since about why this bout of the twisties or where this mental state may have come from what may have contributed to it. We've heard from gymnast. The twisties can come for a number of reasons. It is hard to overstate the extent to which simone biles had stress upon stress upon stress piled onto her coming into these olympics and she was pushing through and she was doing what she thought. Everybody wanted her to do and what she wanted to do. Until the moment she realized she was risking her neck by continuing to do it and that was more important to her to acknowledge than continuing to do what everybody wanted from her says. That biles decision to pull out could raise larger questions about the culture of gymnastics and the pressure on athletes to perform no matter what simone biles said frequently with different meanings at times. We're not just athletes where people to so. There's clearly an awareness. We've heard michael phelps speak out in support of the gymnasts in the last few days we've seen various athletes wanting to talk about the impact short-term and long-term that high performance has on their wellbeing and their later happiness in life the impact that a gold medal does or doesn't have that so in two thousand thirteen byles had to be pulled out of a competition and now in twenty twenty one. She's pulling herself out. What do you think the significance of that is. It's clear that simone biles sees the significance that four or five years ago. She would not have done what she did. A hallmark of the abuse scandal was the gymnasts did not feel like they could say no to anything. The whatever they were told by team staff or by coaches or by the national team physician must be right and what we saw when simone biles talk show her team staff with she was saying here. That you're encouraging me that i look okay. I'm telling you that. I'm not okay to compete. We wrote in a magazine. Profile about simone biles a month ago that the world wants everything from her and she keeps on giving it and what is striking to me. Is it in tokyo. She said i'm not going to give you what you want at the cost of my own life potentially. How do you think this will affect simone. Biles as legacy. It is very clear that this extraordinary moment in an extraordinary career will form part of that legacy and saying no to something seemed risky in a gymnasts assessment. When that gymnast has done the riskiest. Things imaginable We'll also form part of that. Greatest of all time moniker. It is absolutely unprecedented. Because everything with simone. Biles is unprecedented. That gymnast of her caliber at her level. At a competition of this magnitude would take decision at such a pivotal moment and it shows to some gymnasts in extraordinary strength and maybe even a tiny shift in the balance.

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