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Fifty seven was an important year for west africa that's when ghana or as it had been known then the gold coast left the colonial clutches of great britain and became independent with a new leader kwami chroma martin luther king junior saw that transfer of power firsthand traveled to ghana in march nineteen fifty seven where he attended the independent ceremonies and met in croom here he is recounting the moment the british flag was taken down and replaced with ghana's new flag faden about so minutes before nor newer thought reasoning leasing crime joy i knew about all the struggles and all the pain and all of that and these people are gone for this after coming back to the us king spoke about his trip to ghana during one of his best known sermons titled birth of a new nation and the nation he was referring to it's actually two nations one is an aspirational united states where there is justice for all regardless of color or creed and the other is literally a new nation ghana in west africa these themes that king went on to incorporate into his larger civil rights message over the years i think the fact that he went to not only in croom is in naga ration but a keys ways in nigeria nineteen sixty that he has been deeply inspired by the independence movements and in africa and that the fact that he went twice to africa before the great march on washington is an important fact that is not also remember this is jocelyn janine lucca she's with the african studies department at the university of pennsylvania.

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