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And now they're combining that with Another common phrase linked to the pandemic build back better. We hear it in the united states context. But it's actually been picked up integrated into the recent declaration for the seventy fifth anniversary of the united nations so signed on one hundred ninety three member states in their world leaders who met of course virtually but did so in the last few weeks at the annual high level segment of the general assembly and not only are they saying we need to build back better. They're focused on of course getting their economies going in jobs but n greener so green recovery. This creates such a fortuitous situation because a year ago at the un climate summit the previous the un general assembly high level segment in new york. September two thousand nineteen. It was well known that we are off pace and starting with the biggest countries biggest submitters the biggest economies those associated with the twenty or in particular falling behind on their own nationally determined commitments. You know some of the questions. We need to ask ourselves as the voluntary approach which is at the heart of the paris. Climate agreement whites different than a kyoto protocol. Enforceable international legal instrument You know everybody says this. Revolutionary new model global governance is going to be the future. Because it's it's about in results. Impact that matter more and i agree if it's delivering results than we should all be percent behind the paris climate agreement but when the biggest countries are not even following their own adopted commitments in part because of questions of enforcement and verification and what are the consequences the penalties when when they don't follow through Of course the us did pull itself out Made the initial step towards pulling out in two thousand seventeen and it just happened to days after the. Us election we fully expect on the first day of the the new biden administration for the us to resign in recommitted itself but back to your question on green recovery. It has so many meetings in dimensions to it. But this is you know The fundamental opportunity to wean ourselves off fossil producing engines of our economy too. You know all kinds of green infrastructure investments as i noted sponsor the previous question to government action incentives Really tori environment to really incentivize the private sector to be become the chief engine for the green technologies which i think are going to be at the heart of a green recovery but yet it's not going to be done by any one country it's not going to be done by government or the private sector. It's going to be a combination of these actors. And of course we're going to have partners in ideas coming out of a civil society think tanks universities that are gonna be central to not only pushing the debate in terms of what green recovery could mean and be realized in a practical sense. But they're also going to be the watchdogs and they're going to be the ones analyzing and showing. Hey you use all this wonderful rhetoric about moving towards renewables. Green remember getting the paris agreement action plan on course but the reality is and actually expect some good analysis to come even within the first six months of twenty twenty one. Well i'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out for sure. I'm excited to see all these new commitments and the time for action is now so hopefully we start to see that happen so moving onto my next question. The tensions resulting from our global interdependence confront us with the need to redefine the global comments. Do you agree that we need a new legal and political theory based on the carman's to make it possible to explain and harmonize these tensions.

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