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May still be working with that dump truck at Brooklyn Bridge road right before one 98 blocking the right side and don't forget three O one and 50 across the spans of the middle nice Middleton bridge and the Chesapeake Bay bridge wind restrictions are in effect Are your feet freezing from walking on your cold floors The problem could be across space value dry waterproofing offers free crawl space inspection visit value dry waterproofing dot com Joe Fox WTO traffic Now joining me meteorologist Matt Ritter with storm team four and Matt I'm seeing some clearing to the south and west on radar That's a good sign Not necessarily because I think when some of The Rain ends were actually a chance to start to reglaze with some ice especially on the bridges and overpasses When the water is just kind of standing on those cold surfaces that are much colder than the air that's when some of the icy conditions could return inside the beltway and an extreme Northern Virginia But yes the steady precipitation is ending quickly through Virginia and through southern Maryland by midnight all the steady precipitation will be out of here just some leftover drizzle which could be freezing drizzle in some spots especially along and west U.S. 15 That's where the ice that's been there all day is just not going to go anywhere That's where the winter storm warnings continue to 7 o'clock in the morning We still have a glaze of ice on some trees some limbs and some power lines and especially when the steady rain stops that could start to thicken up again because they're colder than the air And as wind gusts continue to pick up we can start to get some of those limbs come down and cause some of those power outages Temperatures aren't going to get any warmer than they have We're going to stay in the 40s if not 50° in extreme southern Maryland just above the freezing point inside the beltway in the immediate metro area and temperatures will stay below freezing and the western suburbs out towards the blue ridge in I 81 and then temperatures will start falling again after about 3 a.m. to about 7 a.m. We're going to see a sharp drop in temperatures So the refreeze will continue It also at that time one last piece of energy could be rotating around the storm that could bring us a couple of snow showers and some flurries but at least we'll start to dry out in some spots And then it's just going to be a windy Monday Martin Luther King Jr. holiday who have much more coming up the next weather on the Yates Michelle All right Matt you're the expert Thank you For the third straight day new COVID cases topped 800,000 a startling number as the omicron variant doesn't look to be.

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