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Into the move which assigns. You can't do that abra bro. She insecure she. Ain't that fine. Don't let her go now she's done. And you put your hands on when you picked up in physically set aside so she got a technicality on you but as long as you don't hit a dog can i spit back though. I got to do something. I'm not gonna do it. I'm not. I'm not hitting a woman and i'm not spitting on the woman. I'm not kidding. I don't i don't do nothing physical to and i've had some stuff done to me but i will not. I will not do anything physical to simply because the way i was raised. Just right. yeah. I'm not spitting on you. None of that can. We put a bookmark in their where you said. I've had some things done me and revisit that at some point i'd like to know that widow raw chicken breasts. Object favorite adrian. Great done a lot. I you know the raw chicken breasts. They're witness it. Chicken no mo after that i had thrown at me in the handle stuff in the wall. I've been kicked off. Had a pitcher water throw in a bid everything chicken season when you got hit with with just a raw. I'm gonna tell you don't care who you are nice ass bang liberal mark. I just wanted to know steve. All right. coming. Up next complaints with reverend motown ending. In-depth jam right after this. You're listening to morning. Show coming up at the top of the hour and trending news. We'll talk about vacs attack of the viral video of the restaurant. Hostess being attacked in new york city. Also an entertainment news. The iheartradio music festival with big over the weekend in las vegas and one of the kings of comedy cedric. The entertainer hosted the primetime. And these last night. We'll talk about all of these stories of our cromer day Right now it's monday. It's time for church complaints. With reverend motown deacon def jam we you fall gelb ospel dershowitz nick as we reconcile with Reciprocity boven gauge commit of do abilities. We carnivorous me. That's a new one. There medicine partially it away where we remind defoe remind fully remind me for righteousness with that. Long f- komo pitchy preaching me. Let us begin deacon with church complaints so hard to follow. That would go yeah. Yeah let's see here assistant. Princess banks You know sister. Prince bank husayn jacoby slammed his go after. She told him to clean his room. Let me just cut to the taste and Her bail is set at five thousand dollars but he's been charged with arson. She burnt the whole dough down. Who do we bail. How what do we do. But that's just that's just. The bill is five thousand. That's five hundred. I'm gonna go get her out as we support these type of thing. Oh i remember when i was boy. I slammed the door. And i went to school and came home in the door was removed. Yeah yeah wait a minute to hold. Dole was completely in everything. I'm opening painted. Look like hearts wait. I no longer head privacy. The entire time. I stayed there so yes we will get five. Hundred hundred persist apprentice banks. All right let's move right along here at the roller skating ministry. I wants to use the hawk in line for practice but We got too many potholes in the parking lot. Not crazy legs on the roller skating. Minister said the The money you spend on your cigars. Monthly could pay to fix the parking lot now. I'm not getting the middle of that. But i'm just saying that's what Crazy latest saying i you crazy may go to jail and now let's deal with resurfacing of the parking lot. Oh crazy legs is. The only slim skater that we have to. She'll weight of the membership own skates and sister. Earlene crack the entire park and lot. We'd new rollerblades see you got to spread that weight out on four wheel when she put it on them rollerblades. She just cracked up that entire parking lot. Now we gotta servers that day. And what i want to say too crazy navy is used. Everybody come only polyglot skate. Now we're gonna put a scale gate over to fifty. You can escape. That's all to it. The to fifty limit who wrote escapement to nine people can come right now. Eight away here. They will be able to get down to about said when you cutting administer down. Nap passed a ministry roller skating. Roller skating ministry now. He's getting a lot of they ministry dig. I'm not going to say it. No move you would it. Ain't you you in case you want to know. Who are you taking a bath and not losing me. Did you see the movie. Regardless of i did when colonial ailey to- sunny the one that bring it to you the one that bring it to an eas you not the one that bringing i am bringing it but i don't want you to kill the messenger at all us in here woody complaint go you you do something about. I'll tell you what we can do that too. That's it fifty weight limit. Roller skating ministry. Our early move right along. I know you wanna hear this or not. I'm a brother. Larry elder wants to join the church to get close attack. Black people yeah he. He came saturday and sunday. I'm sorry and sat on the on the pew in everyone move. When he sat on an he ran up until the class. Dan and everybody's not saying he wants you to make them like him now. I i don't know if you can handle his path. That's brother larry but he won't. He wants think the best way to solve this is week we were discussing. Larry elder would not we but they were discussing him on the morning show. I'm jay anthony brown meter point. That really stuck with me. A homeless person who aig larry ild they need.

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