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Will teaming Yeah we're gonna get you on the scale Jason What's that 500 are you Very very far away You have me too Anyway can I tell you what we said We're going to replay this wonderful catch you made in a Steve said it was pretty amazing But everybody knew Joe Smith quarterback Joe Smith Lang back or whatever So when we played this play I said you know there isn't a position you wouldn't play the football team whether it's Either side of the ball running back and then you get moving to the tight end slot right before the season And I said when I think of you I just think a football player You just play football And before we get into this play how much do you love this game Well it means a lot to me You know from a young age my first word was born And my first sport was basketball but I started playing football when I was 7 years old my parents didn't let me play when I was 6 They didn't think I was ready Just I wasn't mature enough I was still just running around the house and you know when I first got out there I was playing running back and I was just running east and west My mom was out there You got to get you got to get north and south But I was just run back into somebody just caught me because you know literally you know if you're talented you can just outrun everybody So what we're going to do here we're going to play this amazing catch you had and then after you hear it tell us about it okay So this is a 35 yard 34 yard reception which was spectacular Peyton Thorne was Simmons behind him in the pistol Play fakes the Simmons Looking downfield throws left side grab by Connor Hayward And now another home my goodness He's on his feet to the ten yard line of Nebraska That looked like little iron here Hayward right there So reference to your father and tell us about the plate do you realize it was going to be that spectacular when you took off I kind of when I came out of my break I felt the safety and am I like peripheral kind of close to me and I knew I thought he was going to come in you know knock me out and I was going to fall to the ground but I kind of gave him a stiff arm like midair and stepped over him and I hit my little HESI step on the sideline and I don't even know who was might have been number 8 or somebody and I ran them over Hopefully was the kid that died in my girlfriend before the game Oh that's awesome Trying to get in my head You know we got the dub so it's funny Okay good luck fouling now and guys Well I was just gonna tell counter the original collision on that play happened right in front of me on the sideline and a couple of my fillings got loose So there were some content there Meanwhile Connor I just want to ask making the transition from running back to tight end to completely different positions Does your mentality change at all Obviously you've got the skills to play so many different positions but is there a different way you go about pregame preparations Yeah running back totally different thing Obviously running back you have to know what the offensive line are doing And the protection and where you fit in the picture but tight ends another key MVP thing of our offense coach Johnson always talks often goes as offensive line quarterback and the Titans go obviously I got to know not just protection but the run block in stains and just make sure we're on the same page and all the different calls And it's still something that I'm getting back getting better at you know week to week and I think there's a lot of stuff that I think I can tighten up after this week I think I played pretty solid but offensively I think we you know you guys saw a win to win but you know it wasn't pretty but we'll take it Without question and congratulations on the way encountered you know sometimes you know the crowd can give you an energy and then there's plays like that Jade made on the punt return that in the place you made that we just played that gives the energy back to the crowd Now talk about you know the confidence and how you guys feel as a team after having an ugly win wins a win We love wins But being able to weather the storm like you did against a very good physical tough team like Nebraska What does that mean to your guys It's confidence in what the rest of the season outlook is like I think we've had a tremendous amount of confidence and we're playing with the tremendous amount of confidence and coach tuck always talks about don't flinch And we didn't flinch but you know they were a solid football team and hats off to them but you know I.

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