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Yeah so so usually for people who don't play drums listening to this you go it hide alot haidalla so young so you a a ten twelve fourteen sixteen going down a ugo like 1210 168 sixty naked so what happened was that gotten noah kim bannon i i wanna addition to showed up with a car with leaky oil and i had this big ask yield neil perk from rush drums set john mcdevitt me looks at the car looks to the dorms shakes mahan john mellencamp turns on walks in the direction like while he will not happy i didn't look cool cars leaking on his driveway and a gotta drums that that's you rhyme be that cool since this guy's not for work i crushed that though i just beat the ship broke everything he was disclosed to means malta's open like holy shit who this guy's into it anyway i get in the band but immediately said is there was another time when someone is just look at you like no and you just yeah go win over the top fundamental that book you see would eat cut me from the first record five weeks later and he told me go homeless a nine going home i'm not fucking going home the west could be mood as flight i'd rather go to mars there's no way are we going because i didn't have enough but but it it i didn't know how to serve a song you don't wanna tell drummer and we'll get back to the tenants tom i said you know what the purpose of drummers when you make a record nobody ever gets it the gonna get an ox have said enough foot the go beat malaysia time isis no get the fucking song on the radio be number one extra job because when you do that you just made the company millions of dollars you just made the record label are you made the artist to the band millions of dollars if microsoft hired us they don't give a fucking laws they just want us to make money and they smile and when we make money for them they give us the money take your family that simple in nobody ever tells you that ship that's why i didn't get on the first circuit.

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