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Or up to 84 in Waldorf, 85 in German town and 88 Leesburg right now temperatures into the upper eighties and low nineties Today, 12 41 NEW Today, A federal judge has ordered President Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, released from prison by tomorrow afternoon. The judge says Michael Kohn was sent back to prison in retaliation for not agreeing to not publish a book about President Trump while he was out on furlough. Cohen was furloughed from prison in late May because of concerns about the Corona virus pandemic. Gohan pleaded guilty in 2018 to multiple financial crimes and lying to Congress about an aborted bid to build a trump tower in Moscow. He also pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations related to facilitating hush money payments to two women who say they had sex with President Trump. China is claiming malicious slander is behind an order from the U. S. Government to close its consulate in Houston. The State Department alleges that Chinese agents tried to steal data from the Texas A and M medical system and the University of Texas, MD. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Today. We're learning more about why the consulate was shut down. The FBI, according to a source has a significant amount of resource is dedicated to investigating what always activities in Plano, Texas. That's where it's US headquarters is located. Their source also says there are suspicions and possible evidence that always been engaged. In illegal activity, and there's also suspicion China has been using its consulate in Houston to aid in that activity that is w GOP national security correspondent J. J. Green. A new poll shows. Three out of four Americans are in favor of requiring people to wear face masks in public to stop the spread of the Corona virus. The survey conducted by the Associated Press and RC Center for Public Affairs Research shows not only do 89% of Democrats support face coverings, but so do 58% of Republicans. The results reflect fresh concern over spiking Corona virus cases. The survey also finds that 2/3 of Americans disapprove of how President Trump has handled the outbreak. The poll was conducted before Trump, who for months was dismissive of masks, said this week that it's patriotic to wear one. I'm my camping. A new study says Floridians started socializing too soon, causing a spike in covert cases. The study from the University of West Florida use cell phone locations to track voluntary participants Whereabouts, data shows Floridians cut their social interactions dramatically in March, when the state's first Corona virus cases were reported, and the state entered AH locked down. But by June SAT show most people resume their normal activities, which directly led to a rise in new cases and eventual death. That's Maria Garcia. CBS News Well, it may take masks and distance and lots of extra caution. But you're being encouraged to go out and even take a trip and pump some money into the economy in the process. I just thrilled to be a part of encouraging everyone to get back outdoors safely. That's the first lady of Virginia Pamela nor them. Speaking in Alexandria in support of tourism in the Commonwealth, the data looks now predominantly, like outdoor spaces are the safest I think, as long as we're maintain your social death. Assistant Rita McClenny, CEO of the Virginia Tourism Corporation, says the state is looking at a multi $1,000,000,000 loss looking at the projection lost for tourism. The projected loss for 2020 Is 12.6 billion statewide nearly 50% drop compared to last year. John Aaron w T o P News sports on the way.

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