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A matter of fact of the good part of again in over it has been the reaction of people all over the country man in any other places throughout the were one of the things that came out there when you're you're grandson was killed is that you noted that he delivered eulogy ace for some to doesn't yeah chicagoans who can kill to the question is why why is this happening i mean it over arch in over region issue discovered blanket from that in chicago little is off the charts and in there are committed to stay where literally forty two fifty percent especially the nail population the phone call i've been around low income people all my life in grand up when in the community worth chosen to live luol income but they're never going to tighten to my knowledge i would say where of the of all the troops think couldn't i mean everybody that i knew practically had little in the way of resource but we all have the whole and the possibility that this is we finished high school and went to college or went two of the army we were going to have access to talk met with on that have a chance millions a young people live in in the city you're america no so you don't show me they've been talk about things are like depth and i am and their their tremendous last of hope and of with things to lose that i think nothing is worth a more difficult to over then the loss of hope the terrible incident that took your grandsons life they were fighting over borrowed clothing line one kilo there but the question i have is they were off fifteen and sixteen years old wide of the fight over borrow clothing like you you know somebody bronson least pants in a one of their pants back result in somebody shooting somebody because suits pitched more than that they had a swap in were you swap in the your jacket fall we and i just want to matter jim shoe horribly group decided to take i don't bad right now without returned in you're i don't and then the overall fresh free shouldn't was such and they have such a serious protected from this and oh since own mock true assume that ever result.

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