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Lee's rush III for Russian the six eighty WCBS hi this is shameful investor in sight to see full chief investment officer Michael okay Michael the fed finished its December meeting yesterday what happened everyone watches the fed going into this meeting futures were predicting a ninety percent chance the fed would leave rates unchanged they did the fed funds rate target range remains at one and a half to one and three quarters percent they reinforce their views that they believe the current policy is appropriate for continued expansion they also continue to signal their intention to be data dependent meaning the watch the data gauge risks and adjust policy accordingly down the road as needed what are some of the other key messages they've been signaling well they reinforce an important observations about the current environment employment remains strong household spending remains strong inflation is muted and their Ford inflation estimates didn't change the fed did again point to weaker business investment and exports and highlighted international developments as potential risks they are monitoring through monetary policy the fed tries to maximize employment and keep prices under control and they've done that in twenty nineteen at Stiefel as we work with our clients we monitor fed policy and its implications closely our listeners can speak with their Steve a financial adviser to learn more thanks Michael your path to investment advice starts with your Stiefel financial adviser find yours at Stiefel dot com that's S. T. I. F. E. L. dot com steeple necklace and company incorporated number.

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