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Hey folks support from today's show comes from health i queue health iq believes that the best way to improve the health of the world is to celebrate the healthconscious through social and financial rewards fiftysix percent of health iq customers say between four in thirty three percent on their life insurance these savings our exclusive to health iq like saving money by being a good driver health iq gets you lower rates on life insurance for living a health conscious lifestyle that was the problem when i bought my health insurance i think i was only like five years out from smoking or maybe i was less than five and you need to be like five or ten out but it's all of your super if you if you actually take care of yourself this is a great situation for you physically active people have a 34 percent lower risk of allcause mortality 56 lower risk of heart disease 22 percent decrease in cancer mortality compared to people who remain inactive to see if you qualify get your free quote today at health iq dot com slash majority or you mentioned the promo code majority when you talk to a health iq agent that's health iq spelt like the word health and then the letters i and q dot com slash majority to get your free quote all right folks just a heads up we're going to be alive again know the next o three days four days and then next week we're going to be doing our best out if you have a bestof suggestion email us at majority reporters gmailcom put in the subject line best of if you have like oh i have four great.

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