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Why gave the cowboy fear it just hit cities be offer aggressive office ugly kindle smith missile runner whereby biking another found a corporate shareholder cover i'll be that's a global athletic boy a british right there by zero who catches all in a weird i go and no attempt to be able to thriller culver here the red raiders the lead and a careerhigh twenty two points call comes to us from the red raiders sports network from the field and with that we welcome on texas tech coach chris beard of the fourteen thranked red raiders chris how you doing you're going to jail this is that still sound a little bit strange 14th rang texas tech red raiders or if you've got used to it a little bit by now all i sure would some good as we in that in a season that way you know so um now we're the second year of building our program so anything that's positive anything that brings attention to the programmes good i think all coaches cut a share the same field that rankings are great for the fans really don't mean anything 'til march uh but without being said anything we can do because we build the program to validate success uh who support it to us so last night how many how many fans did you have in the arena about what's what's what's capacity no i'm not great at the arena seats around 15000 uh last night looked to be like another thirteen thousand type crowd uh lower bowl completely fills an upper deck was about half suit.

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