Afghanistan, France, Taliban discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast


Between the us and france and other is so that the afghanistan cannot become again a safe haven for terrorist organizations. This is one of our main goals but we have at least two other very important goals. One is that afghans and not only are nationals. Where stealing afghanistan can travel freely and can go at the country they want to and also the rights human rights and in particular. The rights of galster women are respected. How do you plan to enforce both of those latter concerns ambassador. One is the we know that there are two hundred individuals that are apparently allowed to fly out of afghanistan today but is the free transit of others who want to leave a function of just the goodwill of the of the taliban or does the united states france and our allies have greater leverage than just. Just hope well. It's a great question but we have our discussions with with the taliban of course on the six travel but they wanted. The new government in afghanistan will want to to to have normal recognition and cooperation with us. Then know what are our criteria watch our most important criteria and i mentioned that show enough. We have in france ultra left afghanistan into at the end of two thousand fourteen and we have already had eight hundred afghan allies Leaving afghanistan since then in april when we call the french people to leave afghanistan. we could also bring again more than six hundred and from our of and then since a fifteen hundred august we have brought a two thousand eight hundred people. Most of them have guests our cable and we brought them to france batch. Indeed there are still people who need or want to go outside or to travel to be free to travel maybe then to come back to get inside no but we must insist on that and we learn effectively use. Our influence to to reach these goals of we're talking to the france. Bathrooms united states philippine ambassador. During the trump administration. There was some breaking with with the european union over lots of things. President trump backed out of the iran. Deal the paris climate accord he wasn't crazy about nato threatened to pull off. No i guess. A president macron wasn't that crazy about nato from what i've read either but we now have a different present back in june when the two presents. Macaroni biden met. There was talk by both of them. That america is back. So what is the biden presence. Aiming to france not on to france means indeed for instance. The us first day of the mandate of president biden being back in the climate paris climate agreement. Which means a lot. We need someone to act more rapidly. Look at what happened in louisiana new on new jersey new york recently. We have no choice and there. It's really important to have the us the us leadership back. It's one of the subject. I mentioned a lot with my intellectuals. During those days in new england in particular here with the governor of massachusetts we are grateful to all those americans who have continued under the amended of donald trump to act for fighting with us against climate change and there are many many other fields starting with a fight against the virus where a new commitment to new multilateral commitment by the..

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