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Meterologist shanta no donald twenty four seven news continues on komo news puget sound has a rich history of competitive rowing but of the hundreds of thousands of rowing pales this may be the most compelling rowing story ever told in december nineteen sixty seven a team of fearless rovers repeal you did the unthinkable they set out to roll from lake union to tacoma i don't think it's ever going to be done again because we are i think long on the attitude and short on logic fifty years later lot older a little wiser repeal you crews back together again on the campus they were there to see old friend tracks tomasi hanging there the rafters of the shell house the husky cooper a boat that was given to peel you buy you doug until the olympic gold medalwinning huskies of thirty six ask for back this bill brought back a flood of memories w had taken back the husky clipper bring a shell down to replace her place i can have the loyal shoddy but you have to get it for on seattletacoma by yourself the peel you crew didn't have a trailer and they didn't have money we researched getting a truck drivers down and it was three hundred bucks today us out a lot of money but boy then that was a time we didn't have died in the early morning of december sixteen the adventure began the crew carry their boat two and a half miles from green light to lake union we needed a parade permit to use the street i couldn't even walk today water with a show.

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