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To Woodbine single right lane getting passage eastbound on I 70 district travel, No delays on the freeway or on the 2 90 five's I'm Ian Crawford. W T o p. Traffic okay over to storm team form. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets, Lauren, We're watching a storm. Yes, so we are, and in fact, we're weather alert for tomorrow. We're dry today. So that's good news. It's just gonna be cold. Those sandwiches rising into the mid to upper thirties, much lighter wind. Today we'll have some sunshine with more clowns this afternoon, but really the quiet before the storm. We will see that snow arrived before daybreak tomorrow, pushing in from the South and West moving north and the east, So pretty much everybody's seen it by about 7 A.m.. But again, we'll see snow for a good portion of the day tomorrow, and we'll tack on some accumulations during that time, and that's really one. We're going to get the accumulating snow from tomorrow morning from between Foreign 7 A.m. when it starts up until about 678 o'clock tomorrow night, and that's when it will start to switch over a little bit and lighten up. But before that could have four up to about eight inches on the ground. Now we're gonna have to watch the temperatures because we are expecting it to switch over to a little bit of mix. It could be all right. In southern Maryland as we head into tomorrow night and then continuing with some light snow to the North and east. But one thing we do know it looks to be a little on the lighter side. As we head through Sunday night and into Monday Monday, we'll get a little bit of that mixes. Well, it will be lighted times. We could see a just a little bit more snow Accumulation North and west to D C and then maybe a little icy glaze on top of some of the snow we got through the day on Monday, but again, the accumulating snow mostly falling on Sunday. Temperatures tomorrow low thirties were in the mid thirties on Monday, looks like we could switch back to a period of snow late Monday night and into Tuesday. Just some snow showers week attack on another inch or two on Top of that, but it'll taper off through the day on Tuesday, mid thirties on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we are drying. Guess what? Our temperature rolls right into the fifties By the time we head into Friday, 25 right now in Washington, Annapolis 27. Leesburg, 23. It's 23 outside w. T. O P studios brought to you by Len The Plumber trusted same day service seven days a week. It's 5 21. A drive by shooting in Southeast D. C has sent two women to the hospital that happened near 34th Street in Minnesota Avenue around one o'clock this morning. The two victims were sitting in a parked car. Someone drove up and fired at both of them. They are expected to recover. Police say they're still looking for suspects in that case. D C Council member says there's been too much violence.

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