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Yourself back to back to back every day and see how that changes your life what if somebody listening right now likes what they hear but they feel stuck maybe stuck in a bad relationship are stuck in a bad habit or just stuck in in grief how what do you say to that person to to to let go and get back to happy sure it takes time but you have to be concerned i mean that's where we need to start is the awareness and the acceptance that there is a problem right that there is a situation you're dealing with and then the question is the tool you're gonna use you know if you're dealing with at born example if you're dealing with some type of tragic circumstance the circumstance that happened and you know it consciously you know that that circumstance isn't happening now but you were you're feeling the pain now is if it's still happening even what happened in the past that means there's a story there that you're talking to you're talking about yourself again and again and again if there's a self talk loop there and so you need to bring awareness to that you need to bring awareness to win it's happening one way to start coping and you know it it's more complex i'll give you the simple version would be in those in the heat of the moment like when you're feeling the emotion high when you're feeling the pause for sixty seconds notice it don't try to judge yourself don't try to value or to fix it but just pause and write it down put it in your phone and put it on a pad and paper journal get it out of your head the get the real raw thought takes sixty seconds to get a couple of sentences down not a big journal entry do that as often as you need it helps interrupt that thought pattern but it also brings awareness to what's really going on there then once a week sit down with yourself and it might sound counterintuitive right we're used to gratitude journaling which is also important but this would be the opposite once a week sit down open up that journal of thoughts of those stressful moments during your week those really tough moments and when you're feeling calm and collected and not emotional and maybe a saturday morning read through them and do that consistently bringing awareness to the patterns of thoughts that you have to things how you're how you're treating yourself and others in those moments what's really going on in your head and heart when you're stressed and then you can there's other things you can do you can literally do opposites like it may be the thought was i'm not good enough for the people in this room this job interview whatever you can look think about the opposite like i am good enough and let me look at some examples in my life were that's been trill right doesn't mean that the stories we're telling ourselves completely false we've all had failures we've all had tragedies we we've had problems but when we're when we're we're we're really focused on the negative that's always see right when we're stressed out we tend to have tunnel vision so an exercise like this can help broaden the focus bring us into the periphery what else is there what else is true besides this one thing i'm looking at and can i use that to change the way i'm responding to these moments can make a world of difference over the long term it's not a quick fix but it's a game changer for sure.

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