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Indians. Garrett Cole on the mountain. Top three facing franscisco indoor door swings at a high drive rightfielder rescues back at the law. It is gone. Brad Cisco the door puts idiots on the board with a run his first up this postseason. It is up in Cleveland Lindores fourth career postseason home run, but call was dominant on the mound and the to choose from Gerry Cole is swung on strike three strikes outside his seven strikeout up the day already. They new postseason career high with twelve strikeouts. In yet. Houston would be in trouble. Bottom six however, Terry Francona going to the bullpen. Andrew Miller facing Marwick Gonzales to second break minute. I the pitch is down the right field line. That's going to be a base. He already can't cut it off. Wall to be around. Third health score here come pregnant, he's safe at all. Score from first still delivers to double its doodle on Astro. And that is where we stand right now. Reminder, Golic and wingo featuring Mike Golic and Trey wingo. Sports life in the biggest names in the game. Six to ten AM eastern. Every weekday. Go WinCo hurt here on ESPN radio and seeing on ESPN news back to Houston for the bottom of the seventh alongside Jim bone. Once again, here's Dave Fleming. All right, John. Thank you very much. It is the top of the order against Trevor Bauer. The bullpen fired up now for the Astros, so maybe geared Kohl's after dude is finished twelve strikeouts in seven innings right Presley the right hander getting lose to the bullpen is George Springer stance. In Astros would love to add to their two one lead with the top of the order up against Bauer fastball for a called strike Jerry Springer but a great job Bauer did coming into the sixth inning being able to get gas. The pop up the second base and getting Maldonado striking them out on a curve. Ball could have been a lot worse for the Indians in the bottom. The six pitch is a curve off the outside and account is one and one day. He deserves a lot of credit that was a pressure packed spot for guy who has a little bullpen experience in his big league career, but he is a lifelong starter. So he's taken on different role here in the playoffs. Then he's used to. Pitch is low. Jordan won only one relief outing in the regular season. So maps that yesterday and now has more relief outings in the postseason. They did in the regular season with two. To to what Astros Springer in a two one count swings and misses calls. Dow drops down to his back. Knee took such a big lash at that breaking ball to a two. That one I think he'd like to see you again. Maybe up out of the. Pure hit me spot. But that didn't have a whole.

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