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To your. Field. And from that to Heather. On twitter. I want to go get some details. But we are hearing. He is in times. Congratulations. My favorite Edgar memory, which I don't know if anyone else will even have this memory except for me. Eagle heart. Actual best eagle hardware guarding commercial. Where's Edgar Martinez like Mesa messing around in the woodworking area? And there was like what is he doing? I have a little and he's like working on stuff. And at the end, he's. My favorite. Edgar moment. My kids were toddlers the year that the M's just had a fabulous year one hundred sixteen games, and I turned the games on in the background while we're playing, and my guy is listening to the crowd chant. Edgar and he looks up first word out of this kid's mouth ever Edgar. Did this day? I can't tell that story at home. Because my my husband says, no he said, dad get. Yes. He said dad, I sure Edgar was a classic awesome. Mike Lewis went on social media. They you are you're afraid, man. You said I'm gonna get torn apart. So Mike Lewis turned to be the sinecure a little bit. I wasn't me and a cynic nora's I being a skeptic. I'm merely said and actually I'm happy that he's in the hall of fame. I said one I am not if I'm a nationally guy by from birth. I am not a fan of the designated hitter. I have never been I think it does not belong in baseball. However, the any arguments about whether or not someone should be in the hall of fame if they are designated hitter is moot. If you make it a legal position in your sport, punter and football, just happened in the hall of fame Ray guy, if it's a legal position at absolutely should be hall of fame eligible, and if you're going to make it hall of fame as eligible, obviously Edgar Martinez should be in there. But I said, I don't like the D H, which usually gets people. Kinda riled. Randy Johnson who entered the hall of the Diamondbacks. He was talking about Edgar Martinez. And he said I faced a lot of hall of fame hitters and all my gosh. Edgar was the best hitter that I ever saw. He did so much for Seattle. He made me look good during my career there. The first person on my ballot. Who would get my vote is Edgar and one other funny sort of Edgar related story. So that I can call of the of the double right? We all know about it from nineteen ninety-five the photographer who took that shot that everyone knows about Ken Griffey junior looking up from home plate and smiley. Everyone forgets his arm around and right next to him era. But the the funny thing about it is the photographer who took that photo. Once said, I think she I don't know if she was working for the Associated Press of the at the time that was the moment was so tense. She had forgotten to replace the film. Our camera back for kids. This is before before. Cameras had digital photography and memory cards. She had forgotten replace the film in her camera because the moment was so fried. And no one wanted to set anything down that picture. That's probably the most famous photo in Seattle sports history was the last picture in the role. And if it had if it had happened a second later, she would have actually not gotten that picture if you wanna share Edgar memories nine eight nine seven three you're pointing at Andrew you never pointed answer. But you're pointing let you know that he's Andrew the producer will speak. But you turn your mic on. It's a thing. We do here at the radio which got the official announcement here if you would like to hear yes, Edgar being inducted. Let's do that over eighteen seasons with the Seattle. Mariners. Edgar bed at three twelve with three hundred.

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