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I wanted to tell you about a vulnerability going on right now with the US mail and why you should really look at it walking mailbox and then later yet. The way you get glasses. Is starting to change. And I wanted to fill you in on the changes that are wallet friendly, and maybe fashion friendly too. So new Stetson from research done by a group called Cox automotive. Finds fifty average price people actually paid for a new vehicle last month was an all-time unbelievable record amount of money thirty-seven thousand oh, seven thirty seven thousand. Oh, oh, seven dollars. That is beyond my imagination. That's what kind of money people are paying because that is a frightening figure to deal with and. I I mean, you can't go back again because I can tell you the first property I ever bought was a foreclosure that. I bought for thirty six thousand dollars for a two bedroom. One and a half, bath condo. And I still own that all these years later. And now the average price of a new vehicle is exceeding that. So gosh, that's a problem. And so if you pay.

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