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Henry proud to say is a friend at very very funny man but he is the chief national correspondent for fox news new york times bestselling author of forty two ed thanks for jumping on the morning i just a good time we really great charity event with the foundational liberty national cal club we have great time buddy but you were funny and it was and you before you said and i told you this when i saw you coming off the golf course and i said i just was coming in i said you're obscene as this great because it takes the pressure off and you were great and you're glib and you busted my chops and just well our henry that was mark he'll and look i i would tell my role at you know it's sort of like you know if you're going through you wanna kill off the home run trot right if it is maybe gardner i'm sorta like gardner somebody might kiesel home run and you kind of warm up the crowd and then fisherfolk fiscal comes up and it's like aaron judge is taking you know another crowd foundation for towers foundation which you know you know they they started out of nine eleven but now have really their mission to say what's what forward and help all of these wounded warriors or coming home and fund them home depot at general motors and a lot of big sponsors check them out my favorite momma was rabble rabble neo former navy seal who took out bin laden you when you said he wasn't great at golf then he started walking toward the podium like wait wait he's got his crosshairs trouble right today we're playing golf is wonderful course gotcha liberty the new york skyline everything and but the only bad part was that you guys ahead of us were playing so annoying boiling hot and so i kept saying how yuppies who are these guys these guys probably shocked a lot better than i feel and it makes you know when i was trying to fill the crowd would he might have been a great shot with good line but he he's not a great shot of course.

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