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Oh, Jerry. Donna is joining us tonight, waiting patiently in Antioch. Hello, Donna. Hello. Thank you for didn't tonight. It's been a great distraction, Say Licorice and sugar by the archers. Licorice is yes or no on the black licorice. I think I heard her say No, my can And you got to accept black licorice sugar. Another feel good song Donna can begin. Donna, are you gonna sing you with us? OK, you take it over, Donna. Here we go. Take Donna. Just there you go, Donna. Come on this feeling just Kevin. Come on. You can Donna, we love you. You know, Kendall, I just checked NPR. They're not doing this talking about the virtues of someone I don't know. Pelosi, someone Valerie, I love this song. I love that song Was that in 67 or 68 that we came out and Valerie's in Oregon? How are you doing tonight, Valerie?.

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