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So we continue seven hundred wwl WB, man. Wait, weird Mogo. He was on the line. And now, he's gone. All right. I wanna talk about Billy Hamilton. Because we never got a chance to talk about Billy Hamilton again gone. Bengals broncos. Okay. Well, I'm just going to sit here and wait wait promoter. Call Bearcats and musketeers both continue your winning streaks. Hopefully today Oakland at Xavier and UC Bearcats on the road at UNLV. There you go. Andy Johns convince the organization that'd be the Bengals backs him. After eight years of futility. I'm sure that they still do a lot of talk about Jeff Driscoll who will be the starting quarterback for the Bengals tomorrow at Paul Brown against the Denver Broncos. And we'll see what the boys made of look good in preseason. Look good in the second half against the Browns a very small sample size. I don't think you can glean much from what we've seen from Jeff Driscoll yet. Only he gets the ball out of his hands even quicker than Andy Dalton probably because he's afraid for his life. Kansas City my team just let go of the NFL's leading rusher. Kareem hunt. Were they released him when they found that he was on the NFL Commissioner's exempt list while they investigate what we are seeing now in the video as a brutal attack on a woman at a hotel in Cleveland back last February. My question is how did it take so long Moses timing on the video being finally released now almost a full calendar year later? I'm just curious. I mean, the video looks horrific. He pushes the woman down onto the floor. And then kick cer-. What it looks like? And. But the police investigated this last February they were coal. There was no evidence. They said to charge anybody with a crime. All kinds of allegations the Kansas City Chiefs knew about this alleged incident. But did nothing. And suddenly there's video released by TMZ. Again, almost a year later. So what changed or how did this get released? Finally, why didn't we see it at the time? Usually we see everything in real time. Almost instantaneously in this age. TMZ cellphones and videos everywhere. So I'm just I'm just curious. What took so long? I guess we're not going to get talked to mow today because our time is almost up and mo- had to be TV star. We'll talk to Mike Allen next on seven hundred wwl click.

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