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Is the primary guiding factor that leads all those decisions, so it's all related to safety. But then there are some very specific things. For example, we have continued to build roundabouts in the last five years, we've built a six additional roundabouts were up to twenty-five total roundabouts now and those the the data's just undeniable. We haven't had a fatality in any of our roundabouts in twenty years that we've we've had roundabouts the number of serious injury. Accident is significantly down in roundabout intersections as compared to signalise intersections. So you know, they they work. They save lives. They they prevent serious injuries. That's helping a lot smaller things like making the stripes on the side of the road wider. So they're more visible. So hopefully, help people prevent them from going off the edge of the road. I if they're a wider line, even when there's snow on the ground is more likely, some of that line will be visible or as the lines begin to degrade over time the white or the are there. The more Pete there is on the road. The LA the more likely there's some of it likely to stay there for a longer period of time. So it's it's things like that. It's doing audits of our projects sitting down with the multidisciplinary group every time we put together a major project and identifying the safety element and looking at the crash history on a road or an intersection and seeing what we can do to address those. You know, it's it's it's that kind of constant thing they were always working towards it is rolled commission for Oakland County spokesman Craig Bryson with WW Jay's Mike Campbell to fifteen is our telling..

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