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The the costumes actually is the showstopper there's one scene that focuses on the legendary fashion designer bob mackie who was actually in the real bob macky was in the audience last night wow the the scene about the costumes is the best part of the show it show stopping people went nuts during the scene and you know what a show that's about share shouldn't be stopped by about costumes true the rest of the show needed to be as good as that one scene dean was there any was there any scene that was like you think i could be a set a singer when she met sunny and well with your mom and i wanna be a star is that sort of thing could be a star and get off the farm i don't know if we can do it and sunny is like us together babe you you don't guess what song comes after that cliche by the books it's a little bit cliche i wouldn't say overly cliche but there are so many things happening that the show just seemed so scattered and she has this magnificent collection of songs and for the most part the songs are abbreviated versions of song i get you can't do every song in its entirety but there should have been like lake mama mia tatas the stage show like jersey boys and other release accessible shows like that you can't do a lot of the songs is terrible and give the people what they came for they wanted to hear man blown up to pieces and perform magnificently the way a share does and what they did was they took many of these songs and did kind of somber acoustic versions of them in order to further the story so the show is a little bit on the sambre sign do you believe in love because none of us do anymore i just want to believe in love you know what if i could turn back time to the beginning of this segment so it's it's very misled i got one more you don't have adopted you know where i met share we're both born in the wagon of a traveling show are mama's used to dance for the money that through grandpa did whatever he could preach a little gospel sell a couple bottles at dr good you know the drill and the badly the recreate the sonny and cher tv show and the share tv show they hit on milestones in her life it's very nostalgic the performances are really good but man the these producers in these writers need to trim this thing down before it ever hits new york i hope so share herself snuck into town this past weekend and i love this so candidly said that the show needs work which must've mortified the producers and the promoters of this but she's one hundred percent correct the show needs work so it's fun it's fun it's not perfect till july fifteenth before it goes to the big apple movie we got to see this weekend uncle drew is funny i i went in completely skeptical it's where these nba all stars all dress up and senior citizen makeup and latex masks in wigs and all that a basketball movie gonna bring the old team back together again and teach these young bloods about basketball and about life and about the wisdom of seniors sounds incredibly dumb well it's it's a simple in pleasant how good but this this movie has so much heart that really surprised me it's very very sweet movie thanks to the athletes not so much the actors the athletes did an amazing job dean philis be plus on that one and there is the gritty sequel to sicario that comes out today sicario day of the soul salah sold dotto that brings back a josh brolin and benicio del toro together not only working to fight the mexican drug cartels but the we've into the story undocumented people coming over the border and terrorism it's it could be ripped from the donald trump stealing children that holding will you will be thinking about donald trump quite a bit while you watch this movie but it is beautifully shot wellmade amazingly performed super serious super violent dean's list plus on that one what is the before we run out of time here which we did two minutes ago what is what is this.

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