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Peachtree corners officials have announced. The city is adding a vehicle for testing mobility and autonomous technologies at its curiosity lab living laboratory ford edge based test vehicle has level three autonomous capabilities companies and organizations. Doing work at the lab will use it to develop and prove whether they're new advanced mobility and autonomous technologies work hebron christian academy officials recently kicked off construction on an expansion of its lower school. A two story elementary school building which will include eight additional classrooms. A teacher work room office and storage space. The school hosted a groundbreaking for the expansion on february third and planned to have the expansion open by august so it can be used for classes during next year's school year once the expansion is completed it is expected to increase the enrollment by one hundred additional students. The city of peachtree corners recently unveiled its third button. Gwinnett sculpture which was designed created by a local artist land campbell. The art selected for the sculpture depicts a variety of species of butterflies to express beauty of diversity color unity and harmony. It's located next to the pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the newest section of the city's corners connector multi use trail the city of peachtree corners. Agreed to install a total of six sculptures to others have already been installed one on technology parkway and another on engineering drive. Has the time come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. Peggy slap properties is here to help hegi and the team have been in gwinnett and surrounding areas for thirty eight years helping folks. Just like you and me peggy slap you. Properties consist of more than thirty five realtors that realized fostering strong relationships with community is the key to their business. They work with you. Regardless of circumstance residential homes are newly built they have listings all over the county in today's climate. You hear a lot of noise from others on how they can help the differences peggy sloppy properties. They're buying and selling for neighbors family and friends. Don't you believe you'll get the most value from a team that knows the lay of the land. Visit peggy slapping properties online at esp online dot com or. Give them a call at seven. Seven zero two seven one five five five five seven seven zero two seven one fifty. Five fifty five hangars slapping properties delivers the very best in gwinnett and real estate. Because you deserve no less. I'm ready for launch on us today for your shot at a twenty five dollar gift card to lock cuss walea. Your neighborhood canteen occasions in lawrenceville and beaufort seven seven. Oh six seven six fifteen thirty three for lunch on us at the legendary lot. Hus- walea fern. Bank now has an exhibit about the mayan people and their world of mystifying tombs. Human sacrifices ancient languages and amazing architecture. The new exhibit. Maya hidden worlds revealed opens on february thirteenth and is one of the largest visions of ancient. Maya that has ever been displayed in the us. The exhibition brings together more than two hundred authentic artifacts and immersive environments timed online tickets required in advance. You get yours at fern. Bank museum dot org the jackson. Emc foundation board of directors awarded over ninety two thousand dollars in grants during its december meeting including twenty five thousand dollars to organizations serving. wouldn't county. This is made possible by the one hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred twenty four participating cooperative members who have their monthly electric bills rounded to the next dollar amount through the operation roundup program. Those grants include ten thousand dollars for house of ten thousand dollars for is of love lighthouse mission and five thousand dollars for adults protecting children and now look at sports in the area brought to you by kiam of georgia. Here's community reporter. Jp edwards and the sports editor of the gwinnett daily post will hammock. We'll let's start off with a local guy who just signed an nfl contract. He's a collins hill. Graduate taylor heineke tell me about It's it's great for him. it's great stability. I think that's what he's looking for. His guys kinda bounced around a little bit. He's always been a talented kid. Now has been hard work really respected by teammates and and it's great for colin sells well just to get a an nfl player from your school. It does a lot for your football program. And i'm sure they're gonna do a lot of things over the years to honor taylor. We'll hammocks a sports editor at the gwinnett daily post. And will you went to swimming and diving championships. Where gwinnett county schools had a strong showing. We have a state champion and we have three teams in the top five. Tell me about what you saw was the most obvious is the north winds boys Winning the state championship it a great effort by north. They did a lot more than last year. That a three hundred sixty one points which was forty more than i scored last year when they when state so it was great to see them repeat the had three top five relays which which is huge points to get to that that that level but individually smith thanks to lucon had a couple of state runner up finishes trista. Denver broncos had two third place finishes so a lot of points there as well and like you said freak couple more teams in the top. Five park views third. They wanna state championship in the two hundred. Medley relay With nate stole having a big meat. So good job by those teams made on the top five. And you look at the the girls made. I think what what highlighted the girls mate was a lily. Burke and abby mccullough from brooklyn and parkview they want to more state titles each that gives them thirteen combined state titles and sixteen individual events in their career. There been post swimmer the year the last couple of years a good chance to see them repeat in that again this week and also well the state championship wrestling tournament is coming up this weekend. Yeah the number one beepers looking for a sweep. They won the state duals and they're looking for a better performance in the state traditional. Bring home some individual titles and hopefully bring on the team trophy In the upper classes tougher gwinnett team to win a state championship there. But i think there's a lot individual wrestlers things that can accomplish in a to play titles this so looking forward to see that that comes out at state wrestling no wesleyan Finished fifth in the state. They already wrestled their their championships. Great showing about wesleyan to take fifth the sam schmidt and tanner bevan's both had state runner up finishes individually. We'll hammock is a sports editor at the gwinnett daily post and will. What are you looking forward to. That's coming up in sports round gwinnett county. It's a it's region tournament weeks. I think That's what we're looking at mostly. Next week we're swimming and wrestling behind us. So we can. We can focus on basketball postseason. Of course the spring sports are overlapping. She always of that going on. But the region basketball tournament will be fun to watch all next week to kind of determine seating for state to state we need determined who's qualify for state is always the most exciting next week so looking forward to this we'll Exports editor gwinnett daily post in. I'm jp edwards for the gwinnett. Daily post podcast. 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