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He supports the birth of black Children and not their killing at Planned Parenthood. The Democratic Party is going after Dusty Rhodes, a Democrat. For supporting the birth of black lives. Are you kidding me? So Marcellus Wiley and others is a No. Wait a minute. We must present ourselves available for life and employment by engaging in behavior that makes it valuable to others. And this is a sideline. I got to get back to the calls. I know. For slavery to have existed as long as it did in this country. America, by the way, didn't exist all 17 87 until the Constitution of we were rolled by European powers. From like, 15 19 to 17 97 1 About 270 years. 70 years. The Portuguese were here of the Spanish were here. The French where here the English were here. So America didn't exist until 17 87. From that point on We have an ideal to which we ascribe to. We want to get to that point. But during slavery, there were two main components of slavery that worked in America and works around the world in a sense, one Is that slaves could not be educated slaves cannot be literate because that is the conversational method by which information is passed on. And so if it was discovered by the slave owners They were all Democrats, by the way. Not a slave had a book or a Bible or that a slave was communicating that was considered verboten. They were beaten and punished terribly by the Democrats or with the slave owners. So you couldn't be educated Democrats didn't want that that own the slaves. And secondly, Had a breakout family structure. Goes, the slave owners in the South, instinctively instinctively knew that the pass on to the next generation Your feelings, your religion, Your attributes.

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