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Uh salem oregon recommended to us is a tomato called cloudy days and it's great for cool climates in coastal areas most women where tomatoes don't really ripening don't really do well there's a tomato that does really well called san francisco fog but a taste horrible so this is like a san francisco foc tomato the taste good you can plant that anywhere that you can imagine san francisco fogs going to be around too long people don't like it around for a long time i know but but it's something that grows were a lot of people can get your side hustle you put up with asked her young widow is bad as san francisco foggy is probably still better than a store bought tomato yeah okay now here there used to be rick wanted to know what our top selling tomato was last year our top selling tomato is almost always brandy wanted anyway the sutter strain which is the original strain of the brandy wind tomato there's been others strange since then that have been improved upon is far as growth patterns but not the flavor so that was uh that's probably always our top seller it is usually between that and sunshine censure in then um are our top selling new tomato last year was the orange brandy wine and we got a a lot of good complement stunning orange randy way great flavor so good questions rick we thank you for about yeah we'll we'll be ah putting those up for order next weekend some of the new tomatoes are gonna be limited quantities so you're gonna wanna make sure you get iter ordering right away because will hold it for you um but just because of seat availability uh you know we're not going to have an unlimited supply uh let's see what else was o one thing i wanted to mention to our listeners is if you are looking to make a charitable donation there we had joe o'connell honor show before and she owns a company called australian native plants and she was in the area that of california there was ravaged by the fire in the fire went through and not only burned her entire nursery of burned her home and she had a great collection of uh antique books on plants and uh posters in prince botanical prince in a seat collection and uh all that's been lost and she's just the.

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