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Side of the Williamsburg bridge alternate side the street parking rules are in effect for today city wide traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones and breaking traffic alert whenever they happen I'm soon began on ten ten wins hurricane Dora and is now a killer at least five people have died in the Bahamas with the storm is virtually stalled houses have been pulverized leaving hundreds perhaps thousands of people homeless Dorian hit the Bahamas as a category five it has since been downgraded to a cat for prime minister Hubert Minnis says there are many people injured in Abaco there is an extraordinary amount of flooding and damage to infrastructure. I wish to report that the United States guide. is already on the ground and I buckle and I was rescued a number of injured individuals Dorian is still crawling over the islands it's now about a hundred miles east of west Palm Beach forecasters expect expect it will move dangerously close to Florida overnight and later on in the daytime with thousands of Americans are under mandatory evacuation orders corresponded G. G. O. Benitez is in Florida's Atlantic coast which is Dorian's next target we've now made it more inland but even here business after business is just boarded up people are listening to those warnings it's a ghost town here mandatory evacuation is now in place. belongings banking and seek shelter in Boynton beach police going door to door. any in Charleston are still filling.

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