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Quarterbacks that are below the the height threshold first of all they haven't received much consideration early because of the height so that creates like a selection bias in and of itself but also you know they're they're just haven't been many of them so i don't think you can draw a straight line but i think that at the end of the day baker mayfield is that enough and he's maybe the most accurate pure passer in this drive and i think those are things you can hang your hat on and they raise his probability of becoming a longterm nfl starter evans silva a world eboni okay let me double down we'd seen exactly zero quarterbacks in the big twelve and there's a league in the last like i don't know what five six years and have any impact rg three was a good rookie then he got hurt couldn't stay healthy a ryan tannehill brandon weeden all up and down the list any name you want these big twelve teams are so bad a defense i mean i just don't know how you can trust all the baker mayfield stats put up against largely awful defense yeah robert griffin the third had some short lived success josh freeman had some shortlived success but i mean i can't argue against that it's just a plain fact that the big twelve quarterbacks have not turned out to become longterm nfl starters and i think that that's probably that streak is gonna get broken at some point but you know i think that yeah i can't argue with the fact that that this particular conference is not produced longterm nfl starters then i'll get you out of here with just one real quick is lamar jackson goes to the saints and baker mayfield goes to the jets who has the better career.

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