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On the entire family grievous cycle whereas is rain or shine a known mississippi a c alwine above event facebookcom ccctb as hell black whose air 707 anna carry amid region i'm simply go hosts of jet in the region hanging out with you guys on thursday morning it was supposed to rain and it didn't search beautiful all right i'll look out your east you've got some good glues and yellows some low lying coral clouds and could yes not a bad day today we originally thought it would be a rainy day it's gone to the south basically lull on south all the way to lafayette into indianapolis and bloomington wins from the east southeast rain out about five eight miles an hour and it's a 61 degrees here at the strike methyl studios on the campus of purdue northwest going up to a high of 73 mostly cloudy for you'll get a little bit of sunshine here and there but a friday and saturday pretty good rain coming our way uh 72 your high tomorrow and periods of rain and then saturday high of about eighty in a couple of hundred storms whether brought to you by our good friends at ironworkers local 395 they've built stuff single look at what's going on on the roadways jannati four round the city looks pretty good actually pretty pretty light for that road eighty going in some west the joliet looks good we had problems yesterday we don't have that today the bishop ford is a little bit of sloan us between us if lee and dolled avenue but it's moving and so is the merge even and 15th to honor third is a little bit heavy so let any real stoppage in that area dan ryan moving along well of course i guaranteed radon on in to the jane burn interchange that is stop and go as always says skyway anatole road even the foreman it does not have any major delays right now nor does i sixty five or us thirty it did have i happen to drive at rush hour from the w j o b studio shomari walker i went off my aunt cave rex is uh wake at the chapel lawn and then went over and tried to get to i sixty five down us thirty and i just could not believe it had driven i maybe.

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