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Baseball games tonight it is the all star break that game will be played tomorrow inaction right now if the home run derby it's an all american league final between the yankees aaron judge in minnesota's stood just lost his name here i will get it back up for you but they we are in the final round right now it's minnesota's excuse me macgill santo he will take his wraps i aaron judge will judge will bat a second we'll keep you posted to wimbledon roger federer reached the quarterfinals as did jill muller pulling off a big upset the day he beat twotime champion and secondseed raphael the dow over in the ladies draw americans venus williams and coco vandeweghe reached the quarters as well look at the traffic situation right now things working well on the edens 15 minutes in both directions between lake cook in the kennedy junction all clear on the kennedy between o'hare in downtown fifteen minutes either way on the eisenhower between wolfendohn down moving along at the posted speed limit on the stevens and between the tristate in lakeshore drive in both directions and fourteen minutes both ways on the dan ryan between ninetyfifth and downtown traffic on the sevens or eighths or any time ondemand get the traffic chicago app approved by team hochberg at perl mortgage just search t r a f f i x chicago now the forecast from the wgn chicago weather center are scattered thunderstorms impacting roughly half the chicago area most of the activity will be south of i eighty mostly cloudy and humid and hayes and fog in the area as well going down to a low 65 tomorrow fog and clouds give way to hazy warming hubert conditions most of the day rain free but a chance of a shower or thunderstorm go going up to eighty three at o'hare but seventy nine area beaches right now seventy six eto hair midway seventy nine before checking in at seventy five seventy one along the lakefront the barometer is holding steady like michigan water temperatures 73 i'm rob artear the wgn news room ready to join the conversation by whenever story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn.

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