Congress, FED, Three Trillion Dollar discussed on P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz


In two thousand eight from the great recession ended with a pick up the last couple of quarters granted in a three and three point three percent so the the economy is underperforming the projections at least from the internal score is the congressional budget office in congress is for the next ten years growth at one point nine percent that's an enormous uh a difference in terms of lost output in economic activity revenue uh for individuals and for businesses and what congress is trying to do is to close that gap even a little bit would make an enormous difference the week parts in most of the other expansion have centered around business investment with businesses relying more on adding headcount oh hiring more people over the last several years than investing in the kind of productivity enhancing uh things like new plants or new equipment that rest soft spot up until the last quarter a to i'd say so the focus has been on this twothirds of the tax bill is really focused on trying to stimulate the business community biz pass through suspension businesses and larger see corp uh this this is because i'm struggling with this and struggling with a two point three trillion dollar figure that we see and that's the cash holdings that corporations have uh that's an estimate i could be bigger and i'm looking at a pretty accomodative credit market people have been able to borrow pretty easily companies especially what what more do they need while i think they need visibility think they need to be to know they've got some permanent on the tax side and it they've got more competent on the regulatory side and just as importantly by the way the demand is growing so that from the consumer saw were seventy percent of a of gdp is so all but i kind of leads to can we get people to feel more competence that's why the fed is in part by the way so focused on pollution janet yellen the fed yesterday saying the tax bill would felt the not concerned about it in fact.

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