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Wow. And the guy you gave away is top five and receiving yours. That doesn't make any sense. So I said this on the show. We did address it to the ex Patti about you know, DeAndre Hopkins with him being his teammate has, he said anything weird brought in Bill O'Brien and his departure from Houston. But The damage that Bill O'Brien has done will be felt throughout the organisation for years to come. Right based on what he did Trading away Premier guys and traded away big time. Hi invested round peak. You'll have two first rounders are gone, so I don't have a first round of this year again. That's how you could lose an organization and the organisation signed off on it. That's what Carl and I talked about it earlier is Bryan McFadden. George's guys the wait for Dotcom Hotline. The son, Cal. What's the name? Carl Comet there? Yeah, He's the one who came to keys and he just says I said he drove that sucker into tree. All right, Brian, what do you see in around the league man? Obviously. Matt Ryan were some reason there was a disconnect with Calvin Ridley. They couldn't get it going. Let's just talk. Keep it really. Drew Brees doesn't look like the same guy, but they can still find a way to get it down because they've got Camara. Do you see Matt? Do you see just simply. It's just a matter of like Father time and some of these trousers and hesitancy to pull the trigger because he's feeling pressure. That's not there in the pocket. What happened on Monday night? Well, what I'm seeing from that line is that I don't think he Trust the officer line, like some of the other passes, the National Football League Trust the office line and the last thing I really have been pleased with his fight in the effort that he has displayed so far throughout this season. Home before the law to Greenbay met. Ryan was playing pretty good, good football, in my opinion, but the thing is, you got to realize. Put yourself in that Ryan's shoes, right? Based on what we think from the defense. The defense can't stop anybody. So if you're a quarterback, your mentality is I have to press to get things done because we cannot afford to try. We can't afford to not scoring almost every drive, because right now our Jesus is not where they need to be. And if we don't be aggressive and I don't press there's a good chance. We're going to the ballgame now granted a losing ballgame anyway. But when you don't have The backing of your defense. That puts more pressure on who the office and I think that there's something mentally there has really been affected Matt Ryan because he has the press. And then also to offer the line that has been revamped, seemed like Yeah, the year hasn't been doing what they have supposed. I think it's a ring of 14 sacks against Green Bay and the fact that Ryan four times, but they hit him a whole lot. Ah, whole lot More times also. Well, the structure of the office of Mine is something that I don't think he believed in right now. And because of that, Yeah, he might be seeing girls when they're not there. Yeah, I think you're right. I do. And that may attribute to some of the things that are going on right quick. Before we let you go and we look forward to these businessmen. We're going to LeBron McFadden, hopefully throughout the course of season And get his football knowledge on a variety of things that are going on in and around the NFL, Um and Roger's 13 touchdowns, no picks. You talk about Russell Wilson. I know we're five weeks into the season. Who's your dude right now? Is it Russell? Or is it Aaron Rodgers because they are the two front runners right now for VP. Man is Russell. It's currently here of the woman and the reason why is because he's a bad man and a rock is a bad man also, but I think based on what I've seen from Ann Rogers There's nothing more you can act of him to do the difference between those two quarterbacks. In my opinion we talk about the V P Award is looking at what Russell has been able to do. And how he has dominated. With just his on see the thing about Aaron Rodgers and rotten makes everybody better, but he also got a bad man behind him in Aaron Jones. And not Aaron Jones is not just a Serviceable running back. He is the office of Weapons. I mean, he catches the ball well out of the backfield, create separation from defenders, And he's another weapon also to Rogers has more structure office alive. Russell Wilson has been doing these type of things were quite some time, but people have been overlooking out Russell Wilson. I mean, he's on pace to have probably 50, plus touchdowns. You know that a dominant defense there is no wrong answer. And my eight but sort of believe you asking me that question of who is my V P right now? I'll say Russell, Russell Wilson and garages right there. But I'll go rustle Wilson to make it even, You know, even more precise for you guys. Both teams have played for ball games. In my opinion, Russell Wilson that's played against a better defense than Aaron Rodgers when he played against New England, and he shredded them up almost for 300 would going blow for blow with camp. Because Cam has assessed against the Seattle Seahawks. Defects were also went blow for blow with a really good defense. In my opinion, it has You really can't say, though, And Rogers has faith that type of defense so far this season when you look at what England has, and we just saw in England give Pat Mahomes maybe they make an actual in three quarters of plate Basically in my paint great stuff. Be Appreciate you is always, man. We gotta run. We'll talk to you next week. Bryan McFadden, Check out the podcast. All things covered. If you don't get the gist, he was a corner. His partner's a corner. Patrick Peterson Appreciate you, man..

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