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Weekends or my time through crazy with her out with the boys giving a few back with them. He's a hell of a shot. This guy could see two hundred yards away house. The white people are saying. It wasn't an accident for Larry ended up with a little bit of Birdshot. And that's why when this corona virus really hits the fan. I'm going to be right now. Be going to your guys houses to take stuff that's true. I'M GONNA say that story true. You're right that's a Fox. Four in Dallas Reviews Angelina s kind of a crappy time for that much toilet paper to go up in flames. If you know what I'm saying I see what he did. Some some listening may say that's too obvious trying to be sarcastic blue trying to raise. I know he's working on a balloon above that. If we're trying to be sarcastically. Funny Simply Steve Next Story. Don't Nag your husband. During lockdown MALAYSIA GOVERNMENT ADVISES WOMEN WHO? Malaysia has the largest number of cove in nineteen cases in Southeast Asia. With more than one thousand nine hundred and counting this week Malaysia government also had a serious public relations issue. After an ill conceived plan went online. Malaysia's Ministry of For Women Family and community development issued a series of online posters on facebook and instagram. With the Hashtag Women Prevent Kovic. We'll Mike guests but this is where Mike is Lucky. He and Matt Have Been Domestic Partners. For how long shore coming up on three years. Yes I mean you have to worry about. The nagging wife is. Kinda just like you're hanging with your bros. I can't believe you had to wait that long to get married. You know if if I had my way. This would have been decided. It's retrograde Christians in this country to prevent you guys love. Love is size legitimately. Though again I tell these stories every day. This is the sweetest. This is why I love Mikey be. I've always liked him. He's my guy I'll stand by forever. We're the segment every was remember. Trying to find the guy for Mikey. I'm asking you know this guy calls I guess. He's driving from New Hampshire never pulls over some rest area just to get a better reception and calls and the two of them literally fall in. We'll play later literally fall in love on the radio. I mean imagine that look but yeah. It's it's been it's been a real whirlwind for me and I've had a lot of and you said you I mean this is what I like about us. You're not afraid to some guys I think. Even you know I don't mean even guys like you. I'm sorry but you'll sensitive on hold you arms and sing to you till you fall asleep right sometimes and listen. I sometimes I do some Mac soon stuff like I say you go hunting with the boys but sometimes you'll be treated like a lady if I don't think I think I can get away with these still hurt. You emotionally that you haven't talked to or senior mom in Twenty Twenty. Five years of she wasn't at the wedding The quite frankly no she was never really accepting my lifestyle little smothering when I was a kid right now. I mean that was a beautiful ceremony. It's been nice. It's nice to be free you so much for saying I've never. I've never told you guys this before. He looked lovely linked him to wear that Alpha was great Matt. It was an interesting choice in kind of unconventional from the sing. The song was just I was just great I though I think it's a beautiful ceremony. I'm getting a little choked up thinking about it. Is He the best kisser you've ever been out sure? Yes go ahead Laurie. More than that. If we're talking about well I WANNA get down and what we do here but yes. I never told you guys this before. But after that whole thing Atanas wedding punching her husband out. I looked at the love that Mike had with Matt and I was so jealous of that. Actually I myself experimented but I just never could find the right guy and then I ended up with Karen. Well some would say that. You weren't far off but okay so the So the Malaysian Seora. Mikey be true. False I mean that sounds like fake news to me quite Franken. I only say that because it sounds like the type of thing this guy would make up. I guess we'll see that's actually real news coming on NPR. Mike you might know that attention to the public knew. It seemed like it was up. Steve's alley I should know be known the great news followers during the day. Frustrates you more resolve the time sports? I appreciate that and I'll walk going on right now. It's been tough all right. Here's the next story on Shammar Hammer. A New Mexico. Man has become fifty six person in that state to contract to the novel Corona Virus After Eighty County sheriff's department apprehended the man outside of the Carlsbad caverns with large homemade flame thrower. Jonathon Welch. Thirty six was arrested at the entrance to the Carlsbad Caverns America's largest system of caves after complaints from employees at the state's Office of Tourism. Well it's reportedly told law enforcement that he was doing his part to fight. The Corona virus by using the flame thrower an attempt to exterminate Brazilian free tailed bats. That inhabit the cave system. Why might be better for the flame thrower question? If you will say I would say that I gotta say it stories false Ding Ding. Dang we have a winner that is fake news magazine. None man you're on a roll my friend I've won the less of one dominate buydell. News Guy Without sports I'm kind of lost. Lenny was a better sparring partner for that but that they did bring that up again segments always rated higher too. But that's we're happy in sixth place right now. It doesn't mean here's the thing. We're satisfying the advertisers. Okay ravings no matter. You know you WANNA keep like. We're not the ranger Kurkin lending I try to. I try falls sports. Because this is a sport's centric stay. Here's our teams at night or we're keeping all. The advertisers are very happy. You know we've lost a couple but the the ones that stuck around and stuck on. We made the team's happy complaints. We don't get a lot of fun. We'll get a lot of buzz for keeping everybody happy which is good and pays off. When I'm in that press box and let me go do his thing these. What is he doing? Something at though the Wilbur something. Yeah I don't know it seems some Krylya understand the TR- the world's or something like going on it's tough to listen. It's kind of I don't really understand it. There's a lot going. It's too much to fall inside stuff and I don't really get it. It's not for me but we hope he's doing. We hope he's doing well. We wish him well go ahead. I'm sorry simply Steve. Back to Shimmer Hammer. Here's talks to Lenny daily. Does it daily? But that's a good British American tobacco working on plant. Based Corona Virus Vaccine british-american tobacco the makers of brands including Lucky Strike Dunhill Rothmans and Benson and hedges has said it has a potential corona virus vaccine in development using tobacco plants. Lucky Strike. I feel like I'm GonNa sit a madman here boy. You know what I think. That's real I'm going to say I'M GONNA say that's late a hammer down on that one score one for Mikey. Real news coming yes. Would that be something cigarettes? They've taken so many lives but now perhaps they could save. Say Wonderful. That a great. Yeah the mavericks wonderful to get those guys on board all right captain. Here's one for you corona viruses. The everyone a little on edge these days so it's no surprise. The residents of Bridgeport Connecticut overreacted to an outbreak of rabies. In the town the bridgeport police department received dozens of nine one. One call Sunday night after raccoons terrorize several neighborhoods on the east side. More than one caller cited concerns that the animals may be carrying the deadly corona virus medical officials however reassured the public that the only deadly pathogen. These creatures are carrying is rabies. Well I did see the The gentleman who wrote and saying Stacy's Mom Dia Carnivores you see that s I did. What's the group of that song was name of that group Look at the tip of my tongue. You wrote that maybe thinking but it was. We were talking about this morning. We were walking this throwing six forthright. He kind music. You guys like fountains of Wayne. That's correct. He wrote the song for that thing. You do the Tom Hanks movie. Yes and the sixers. I'm a big movie you know. I'm sure you're much in that way. So we were walking in. Somebody mentioned Roy. I hadn't seen the cigarette Tom. Hanks and I thought poise been while the good movies hasn't in the three six. It was trying to think of a couple came up with one or two anybody. Just keep an eye on the McKee. Keep an eye on the on the text. Line simply text line really. Isn't he of their favorite Tom? Hanks movies it's funny. You say that you as we read. You brought up people around the bone today. Six one seven Texter says forrest. Gump was that a new one. Yeah Yeah Yeah yes. Nobody mentioned that when I was in the US it forced. He's COMP right. Yeah it's kind of an underrated Phil. Yeah so that's kind of interesting sort of thing. Keep checking everybody's favourite Jimmy. Tom Hanks Movie Tom Hanks. So you can text away this one seven. Please go ahead. Oh Stories. Completely fake yes. That is a fake news and listen to a sense of security. Knew the answer the whole time. No Rabid raccoons in Bridgeport Connecticut. Today for Shammar Hammer We get one more president. Trump's corona buyers taskforce is under fire yet again. Cnn's investigative team has uncovered shocking. Facebook posts. Made by Dr Henry Canasta. You've seen it Dr Canasta. He's all over. Those presidential briefings Some kind of a controversial figure but anyways CNN has thirteen. I saw TV one night. Yes that's a good one. That is a good one go ahead. I'm sorry I apologize. Cnn has found that CANASTA posted on facebook. That Corona virus might be God's way of cleansing earth of the centers. I should say before I give my answer because I think I've got a good one here. I don't know if this is correct. Texter from five hundred says Saving Private Ryan in that in that. Yes I remember. I was calling Ted Danson movie okay. I love him from cheers. Move OUT TRY. Watch ALL HIS MOVIES FAVORITE. Hanks movie a little too violent at the beginning. And you know big military guy of well. That's why I could never even get into war but especially not that one off the blood and the gone. It's a tough. It's a tough one bad as bad as your hatred for Robin Williams is it. No I'm never going to watch another Robin says about that guy. Well true or false on the On this last one I believe I feel like I've heard that before you're saying I'm going to say you've lost already so many you might as well just this is a. This is a Hail Mary. I'm GONNA say that's true. Yes the how unbelievable is that? Why are we even having Christians on.

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