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Seven zero nine two six nine five zero Reserve now the admission is free as required two. Drink minimum food minimum. He can't sit there. And i'm not gonna let you sit there and not ordering thing i'm not gonna do it. I swear i'm not gonna do it. It's not fair to me. Who's who's turning down people that can't get into the mill was i am. You're located south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania. Yeah that's sunday. April eighteenth from Doors opened up at five pm starts at six is for grown folks You know we have a responsible comedy show and we have music by hot sauce and got some good people. But you put me in you. Put me in a in a quagmire win. You have you come out and which i do know that once when people reach out to me these people's and i know they gonna come and spend some money and i appreciate my peoples that in. Thank you issue plus three that i worry about so so the thing is please you know. Iran's where i turn away people for the people that's not spend money you know that the people that have turned away or spending money. It's no go spend coin. It's nice they hold a swiss do multiple shows is fine cast page. It's it's it's okay and you know you have one of your home. Girls or adept light in the pocket leapt lois. Leave them home. Because you scooby up like it happened last time. Be honest with you man i. I couldn't get my man and always spend money. Always come through like just sort of like renee wilson type. I don't want to put a name out there. But i'm just saying and i got a man and then it was a few anyway. I'll just say if if your friends and not able to do this. Would two drink minimum or full minimum. Just ask home. that's it. You know your friends bed. I don't know you plus three. I know you. And i know that you do the right thing and i appreciate you. Could you please that your plus to Just asking you point drink because we know what it is is a conversation after the fact. Now you'll go back until you up again. I poured such such high ass sat there the whole time. I didn't look crazy in front of hong. No man eliminate that conversation knows. You don't handle money okay. Okay just leave home to the next time. You know stephanie. Handle my new wife grace staff. She had a major. Because you're gonna handle ours. Broke frank and some of us. Don't have the courage to say no to our friends and executed should too all this at least thirty dollars active and then have them cash you the money the next day or whatever the stimulus check coming out the return the coming out this money in these streets though sit in the iron mill why these people are bus and they ask god making ten thousand wings chicken sandwich and all this over there and you're sitting you handle money to see how you do that why we i never i never. This is a few things. I've never done in my life and i've done a lot and never and i can't clearly remember. This never went with no money either. The kit in any period of my life as a teenager. Young twenties thirties forties. I if i didn't have the money i wouldn't go. I'm not going out i was. I'm i'm the same way was have my mother always told us you always have a little mad cash anywhere you go just in case you need to take care of yourself get home or you know. Pay extra never ever go out without many. I rather a person in. And i've saying this for myself. I say okay. I can't go out this time. Right right let me hold that. I'm just throwing money figure number. Let me hold fifty dollars right now. Rally do that well. I'll just say this was. Let me hold fifty dollars right now. Let me hold his money next time. The next month i got another fifty dollars now one hundred dollars. I'm not saying spin one hundred dollars to go out police. I got one hundred dollars in my fifty to go out. All i'm saying if you all watched instructions with that hit me up. Five hundred zero ninety two sixty five the whole angle with this. I've been in the streets all my life. I've been in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. I tell you how to do it. When i moved out of my house when i was eight. Literally pit in these streets shocked when abroad. When i was eleven out here be stopping eight living on my own paying bail grown man a talk with truck. I got the hell i got. My mama would like he'll be back back back. Okay so i am. Mill whistle located barco eight thirty one south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania. Okay up at five pm showtime six. We had the.

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