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Day sailing and entertaining clients going to give me a quick less listen on lake michigan so first thing we gotta do go to start the engines make sure they're running okay all right now we just need to get ready to leave the dock so we're gonna untie our dock lines throw them on and then i'll be at the wheel and show you how to operate the waters of lake michigan or call today ryan estimates only about six inch waves the sun is shining there's a breeze fortunately for us burnham harbor isn't crowded yet mansion on the weekends this is insane yeah it gets very busy and that's one of the reasons we really liked training people in docking handling the boats in the marina because that's where ninety percent of the accidents are going to happen right here where you're close to everything which sharp it just drives like a car that yep during the wheel to go left once we finally get out of the harbor into open water the real training begins so now we're going to get ready to take the sales up switch our home position and i we're going do we're going slower now we will turn directly into the wind and we're going to start raising our hallier hellier is named for a line that raises the sail up to the top of the mast so how does that go up that's out there yeah holy cow right now but times i've had to go up to the top of the mass and it's a lot taller windsor up at dow yeah now we have on our winch and we're gonna crank our win to keep raising so once we have our main sail out tacna sale a little bit now we're gonna take our jib which is a sale that's forward in the mass okay we're going to open up our early on this side menus are sheet unfurled the master unfurl the sale okay and then it just goes quiet are you able to fully detached when you're out there from cellphones and from life yeah it's you can still get celts every cell coverage a few miles out but it's nice to just put it all away and whatever the problem you left on shore it's going to be there when you get back so just come out here enjoy yourself and give yourself that break it does seem like two different worlds and the other nice thing is people are trying to reach you there's no better excuse than sorry i was sailing i was so far away compared to a golf course i think they can always reach you around the water i'm gone awesome view this can be intimidating.

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