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Welcome to the very first episode for the New Convention Mavericks I'm your host, Christopher as your Mark Court? And in this first episode I will be sharing my own personal story, and the reasons why I decided to go down this path and create the new convention. The Convention is dedicated to questioning the conventions that currently form how we live how we work and how we interact with others in a world where cash is. Is King and money and prophets are often put ahead of our own health and wellbeing, and that of our communities and environment. It's time to start questioning many of the conventions we currently live by inconsistent, just normal part of life at the new convention I interview people who are living by their own rules, creating new conventions for living a more sustainable, abundant and most importantly meaningful life. These individuals are challenging the status. Status quo in areas, such as finances, lifestyle, relationships and wellbeing by living intentionally and in line with their values, and for me personally. This isn't something that I was always doing on paper. I had a great life. I was continuously progressing my career. I was winning awards. I married someone who shared values and vision for life. I went on the fancy holidays and I lived in amazing places, but the higher and higher i. I climbed the more disconnected. I started to become from myself, and what really mattered to me most of my focus on my career but I don't know what it was that I was trying to achieve aside from earning more money, but the more money I made the more money I spent an put me into this continuous cycle of earning and spending an earning and spending to keep up with my increasingly expensive lifestyle. And trying to impress others trying to be what I thought other people wanted me to be and trying to live the lifestyle. That society was telling me I needed to live to be. Successful. The more hours I worked the last time I spent focusing on my friends and my health and my marriage, those were the things I always said. We're the most important to me. And my life began to unravel naturally. When you don't focus on certain things, they don't go over so well. My marriage started falling apart. My health both my physical and mental health were deteriorating. I was suffering from serious anxiety. I was using. Alcohol is temporary solutions to make me feel better. I put on a mask to the world because I wanted to portray myself as the successful happy person that everybody I felt wanted me to be, but inside I had really hit rock bottom, and my mind began to go to some very dark places, and along with that there was all this guilt and shame around. Why are you not happy? You have this great life you. You're making great money and here you're not feeling great near anxious like there's people in a lot worse places than you like. Get a grip. And and I realized that I had to change something I couldn't keep going down the path. I was going down because I was living by other people's values, and not my own and I knew that was the stem of all of the pain that was being created in my life. And I also knew that there was a different and more intentional way to live, but I didn't really know what options existed to start doing things differently because I was founded by people who lived in acted just like me, who were focused on their career, making more money, buying the bigger house, getting the better car, and so I didn't really have great role models around me that we're living more the lifestyle that I wanted to live so I began to seek out individuals who were living differently and more specifically intentionally. I wanted to get my finances under control, so I sought out people who had achieved financial freedom, and mastered their spending habits I wanted to create a passionate and loving relationship, so I began exploring different types of relationships, and what other options really exist crate, intimacy, and connection, and I wanted to return to the practices that I. Knew Could Heal my mind. Mind and body, but I had been ignoring in my pursuit of earning money and the individuals I spoke to not only began to change the way that I thought, but they also woke me up. I had been asleep, I'd been running on autopilot, and they opened up my world view of all the possibilities that exist to live a full and happy life. Different and creative ways to earn money to experience relationships to live sustainably, give back, and most importantly to connect with myself, and my journey is still very much beginning, but if there's one thing I've learned through all of these interviews. It's that there are many ways to live your life. The most important thing is that you make sure the life you live is one. You've intentionally created. So if you're interested in going down this path with me, mavericks I have a question for you to quote the famous poet Mary Oliver. Tell me, what will you do with this one? Wild and precious life other very varied career, his straits at the back of my mind. I've always thought to myself I'd like to be financially free at some points of I can live the life. I want to move and so it took you. Would you say twenty years to get to the point where you are able to retire? Between Fifteen and twenty years. Which I think is achievable for my. When I ten twenty five, I had what I call a quarter life crisis. Yeah, I've been there. I just wanted more out of life and I. Just didn't want to be stuck in the nine five. The rest of my life, which is kind of what I was envisioning for myself, but the time so like I said like my parents didn't support the whole thing. And, but one say saw actually soared in the flesh once it was done. They're like Oh. That's really nice. Van River. And you still get a job. That's amazing. This is really where I see a lot of variety in different couples when you look at monogamous conventional marriages, everyone's following the same rules when you look at these. Unconventional relationships, everyone's making their own rules. I. made it my career mission to take the shame out of divorce. And then it occurred to me that there's a lot of shame in marriage. It's basically everything we've been talking about so far that you should get married. You should do this and that that's shame. My Dad likes to make out of me and tell me that I've always been Fergal Maher. He's Pretty Frugal to and I've even go to cousin, think night he's girlfriend had a child's meal in the local power. So I would say be brave. Who's the margins and the bondage? Join me on this journey mavericks and discover all the possibilities that exist to live a life that is uniquely your own through your relationships, your finances, your career and your lifestyle. There are many different ways to craft a successful life in only you will create that definition. If you like what you hear and you're interested in supporting our podcast, become a member and get access to extended episodes and kick ass resources to assist you on your journey of exploration and enlightenment. Don't forget to subscribe to never miss an episode. If you or someone you know, is living by their own rules and have a great story to tell contact me at the new convention at Chris, the, FM DOT com remember to live by our values to live your life. We'll catch you next time. Mavericks.

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