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Ahead It's 1128 We have traffic and weather on the 8s Let's go to Rita Kessler and the WTO traffic center Let's start out on the beltway if you're on the inner loop of the beltway headed to the Woodrow Wilson bridge the delay is going to be in the through lanes After two ten headed across the Woodrow Wilson bridge it is a single left lane getting you by that work zone We're also starting to see the delay on the inner loop from route 50 headed toward 66 That is usually worth taking a lane on 66 thanks to collars for letting us know about two things going on You spout after nutley street the right lane blocked with the crash than before the beltway the left lane is blocked with the work zone 95 looks good in either direction no problem along three 95 right now south Arlington ridge road between 23rd street south and south glee rode the lanes remain blocked for the water main break and the repairs Southbound D.C. two 95 after eastern before burrows the work was reported to be in the right lane and Waldorf southbound three O one near smallwood drive you were under police direction for the crash Connecticut avenue at veers mill road watch for the water main break in the northbound and westbound on both of those roadways You need to stay right southbound has the left turn lane blocked Old crane highway between schooling and church street the road was closed for a gas leak also on the Baltimore Washington Parkway the delay south battles from one 98 headed toward one 97 This is the mobile debris cleanup crew taking the left lane On the bay bridge the eastbound span of the bridge the left wing of two blocked with the work and the westbound span is running two way traffic For all of your residential and commercial heating needs choose the 5 star heating experts at crop Metcalf call one 800 go crop or does it Metcalf dot com I'm Rita Kessler W TOP traffic And now to storm team four is chuck bell A cold winter day to finish out the month of January for the month where almost 3° below average Today's high a chilly 38 42 tomorrow and back to near 50 on Wednesday and the dry weather.

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