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Slow traffic northbound seventy five from his vanity eastbound Howard. Franklin bridge into west shore boulevard and we look slow on the eastbound Courtney Campbell causeway, from the little break into the big bridge an accident forty three to forty sixth, avenue north state. With thirty nine has a crash south of tola. Road southbound I seventy five look slow from Fowler. Into I four an accident northbound at I seventy five near. State with sixties. In the median remember we have railroad crossing repairs blocking state route sixty east. Of Clarence Gordon junior road unites. A forty percent chance of storms starting either coast moving inland through the day high temperature ninety, it's eighty two degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a news is a service. Of reimagined office furnishings you can bet a students said there Way. They wouldn't. Have chosen a Friday to end their summer vacation that's how it is in Hillsboro. And, this year school security is the big. Change Hillsborough. County school security chief John Newman says when Hillbrow, students walk onto. Their campuses this morning they'll see more security it'll. Either be a police officer or deputy or, an armed security officer trained over the summer every campus either will either have my hundred and twenty, guys or law, enforcement which is huge because, that is such a lift for the agencies the security presence is in response to a new state school security Bill adopted after the parkland shooting Tampa police reservist Stephanie NATO is one of the guardians who. Will be assigned to a Hillsborough elementary school so honest you have nothing to worry about, we have great instructors here we have great training there's nothing for you guys story, about in we. Got this Sharon Parker NewsRadio nine seventy WFL on. A scale of one to ten it's a twelve. That's how an investigator at sarasota's mode Marine lab describes the impact. On sea life of. The red tide outbreak affecting Gulf beaches all sorts of sea. Creatures are affected Gretchen love well. Tells us how to spot a mandatory, that's fallen victim. To the effects of the algae bloom So. We see, things like continuous barrel rolling they will have.

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