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Began today by talking about genetically engineered children. Can you explain for our audience who may not know what crisper is? Yes. I'm an expert on crisper. Sure. I am we own drum, gene, repeat? So yes, we will. I can deal. I we go to be an expert on all things ci- while here's the way, I work at it. You know, there's different people in the world, there's lumper's and splitters of you heard these expression, no heard of showers growers. But I think that's something different. So some people this is in one of the one of the great insights in science is to see the connections between phenomena and things we come across in nature. We realized that the physics on earth in the physics on the moon are the same the law the rules of motion and energy or the same. And so I'm a Lumper. Let's face it. So here's what we discovered that certain genes from one species can be introduced into another species naturally and the common way this happens in nature's with a virus so viruses collection of proteins that enables it to use other organisms to reproduce the virus to reproduce the same proteins. And so doing they carry genes from one species into another, and the example that most of us have seen in nature is the Gauls the mushrooms shaped growth on certain trees, an infection that the tree deals with. And the virus carries on doesn't kill the tree yet jeans travel are get expressed from one species into nine never thought about what that was before seeing those little mushroom. Things on trees. Yeah. So along this line humans now are able to harness certain viral proteins to carry genes that we want to put into a different species. And this is where you get genetically modified crops. That's where you get this technology. That's now going by the acronym. Crisper that guys in China claim so far unsubstantiated that they were able to introduce genes into fetuses before the was twins that were born with the premise or the idea that you could introduce immunity to the human immunodeficiency virus to aids HIV, which should be extrordinary. Now this hasn't been proven, but they claim they've done it. And I gotta say scientifically, it's quite reasonable in a science fiction future. Parents would imbue their kids with their babies with immunities. I q physical attributes that seem desirable. And then you'd have a better world for everyone or you'd produce a race of mindless soldiers who would do Stroia all humankind, or you've got all you've got to tear humanity where you've got where you're using eugenics for the sort of topped here humanity to create essentially a master race. And then you've got this unknown genyk -ly enhanced species that that does not have the same advantages. Yeah. This is, you know, the subject of all sorts of science fiction and quite reasonably, but we're living at a time when this is going to be possible apparently. But I will say this is a fine and wonderful thing in the developed world. But most of the babies. In the world as a result of most of the sex in the world is going to go on and conventional fashion. I think for quite a while. But Abecia, you know, somebody who was born by somebody. I mean right now, it'd be somebody under fifteen years old who was born by vitro fertilization. Right. And you might know somebody who's twenty twenty five years old. So this technology has been around a long time and people just love having babies. My parents did. Yes, they did. They had three of them. And I was watching a documentary about you and one of the unfortunate by products in your genetic code is something called a taxi. Can you explain what a taxi is or taxi is a symptom? So it embrace it encompasses about forty different causes that people at the Kennedy Krieger institute at Johns Hopkins University or studying, apparently, if you have the wrong repeated jeans, it affects your Sara bellum the base of your brain in an affects your balance, your -bility to walk and sometimes you're fine motor skills and your speech because it's your tongue jaw are finally motored. And it's a drag my brother and sister have it. My dad had at his brother, my uncle hat and that side of the family. Uncle side of the family all has this affliction, and it sucks, and it's a result of a gene repeat. So currently they think they've stood. They've looked for about a quarter of the probable cause..

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