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White House, President Trump, CBS discussed on 24 Hour News


Fair skies. Eighty six thirty. I'm Steve Sampson news. Hear the stories that are trending at this hour wild guessing game of who done it underway. After an anonymous critical op Ed comes from inside the White House. I'm Tom forty president from tweets on draining the swamp and the swamp is trying to fight back that Wednesday night tweet after one asking treason with a question Mark and demand that the New York Times identify, the author of an unsigned opinion piece that author described as a senior Trump administration official claiming to the apart of a kind of inside resistance working to block what that official calls President Trump's worst inclinations White House correspondent major Garrett. The White House reaction has been that this is cowardly self-indulgent. And that the person who authored this is duty-bound if it has this degree of objections to resign. And the president said I don't have to worry about criticism from. Someone who was anonymously writing something in the New York Times. I know what I've accomplished. I know what this administration as a cheap. So who could it be CBS news political contributor? Serena Siddiqi of Britain's Guardian newspaper. What can be someone who works at the White House? It could be someone who's at one of the departments or agencies, certainly a senior administration official has broad connotations. Even in terms of the level of position that the individual might hold, and this is coming on the heels, of course, Bob Woodward's book where we also have had a very damning portrait of chaos and dysfunction within the White House. Tom Foty CBS news, Washington senators, including Minnesota's Amy closure will launch a final round of questioning of supreme court nominee. Brett cabinet today. Who so far appears to have avoided any major missteps in his confirmation hearings. Kevin also doesn't seem to have changed many minds on the judiciary committee, which is split along. Partisan lines for his part. President Trump says he's pleased with his nominees performance at least seven people dead thirty three others. Missing after a powerful earthquake struck Japan's northern island. CBS has Lucy craft has more from Tokyo of the hardest hit towns was ultima known for its farms and beaches that the quiet town was transformed into a scene of tragedy after a mountainside collapsed onto houses below burying dozens of residents as they slept with Rhodes caught off victims had to be transported out by helicopter. At least three million are without power, the main airport also damaged and currently closed the controversy over who's in charge of Commons park in downtown Minneapolis headed for mediation, warmer, Minneapolis city councilman Paul Ostrow is ongoing lawsuit alleges the park which the city is not operating the park board doesn't want to operate in the Minnesota. Vikings can use for free is not being used in a way that serves the public Ostro toll WC, boy Boyce and all parties involved seemed to be sweeping the issue. Under the rug council is never had briefing session. I miss apart ports. Had only one in the city. Attorney is continuous to defend the current. Agreement one that every elected official has said is bad for the public Ostra says that use agreement is too restrictive and has made it virtually impossible to hold major events in the park. He says the only way to resolve the issue is to turn over management to the Minneapolis park and recreation board, which has said the comments doesn't even qualify as a city park due to all of the restrictions Laura oaks WCTC Minnesota judge denying a request to seal a court filing in the case of former Minneapolis police officer fatally shot an Australian woman attorneys for Muhammad nor had asked the court to suppress psychological records. But the judge says embarrassing and private records routinely admitted to court proceedings. We've got some of those now tell you more about this story coming up at seven o'clock WCTC news time is six thirty four for more on these and other stories go to W radio dot com. Oh, a diet change is saving the life of a two year old in west Saint Paul who suffers from a rare disease. I'm Ed girl in areas that story coming up in the morning news at seven. Steve.

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White House, President Trump, CBS discussed on 24 Hour News

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