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On about that but we're also going to talk about like why are you here all this talk about anti oxidants so why are the anti oxidants so important because what they do is they neutralize free radicals on that are created in our body every day as a result of normal cell metabolism and when we are exposed to and we are believe me to toxic chemicals whether it's through on the dryer sheets were you saying or the cleaners were you saying or the sanitizers were using those costs are seeming to be toxic to now you know maybe it's through radiation or chemo unfortunately on or the environment such as pollution I mean just look I'm looking out onto the highway here seeing all these cars and trucks going by in that we have the ear airplanes in the air so free radicals can damage other cells and can lead to cancer mutation and cancer tumors which the cancer tumors also create free radicals to our bodies need a steady supply of the anti oxidants Turton neutralize those free radicals right so if we're not doing anything or we just kind of gasoline that's up to you guys if you want to be on health care advocate or not but you can actually check to see what's going on so metabolizer substances produced during metabolism currently by Brett tasks for Coleen in NASA Tom carnitine am am a with this which is mass sell my malonic acid sodium and potassium so we're going to talk about why it's so important for these anti oxidants to go ahead and how you know help these free radicals right so we're going to be discussing that and I just want to go for a minute we're going to talk about that micronutrients fatty acids so fatty acids are the building blocks of fats in our body and in the foods we eat during digestion the product body breaks sound fatty acids which can be absorbed into the blood and fatty acids are classified under three categories you guys are probably or sells it sick of hearing this a good fat the bad fat and the poly unsaturated fat but what those Daddy S. as well if we're checking for those in your body right why what's important about them so they maintain normal cholesterol levels by increasing the good cholesterol which is the age the al they also help with cognitive brain function and health including depression anxiety and a D. H. day do you know that a lot of depression can be solved through food it's true guys this overwhelming amount of evidence out there maybe you get any some B. vitamins maybe you're going to need to make sure you're getting enough I'll make you fat a mega fatty acids I in your diet so right here it says cognitive brain function and health including depression anxiety in ADHD a match in curing yourself through food versus letting the big pharmaceutical companies laugh all the way to the bank I health metabolic syndrome and helps with inflammation auto immune disorders join health all of that is why we need fat and a diet and we need more good fat the bad I think we're all sick of hearing about that so vibrant tests for EPA T. HA and a LA no I'm sorry is test for EPA DHEA and DPA so let's say okay E. H. E. P. A. N. D. H. A. primarily come from fast so they're sometimes called the marine omega threes alpha linolenic acid comes from the omega three fatty acids in the western diet is usually found in nuts and seeds and flax seed and things like that and again the number here is eight six six nine two zero nine four five five we end at eleven fifty nine so if you want to get your call and do it now omega fatty sex are key family of the poly unsaturated fats just like the omega threes on and again they can be found for meat poultry AG's knots exciter out and again the a and a and those are very important in our bodies so we also tack tack nutrients at the extracellular level and the intracellular level and I'm going to explain the two different says and a minute after we take a call from can from Cumberland second call from Cumberland today what is up how are ya I got a very particular problem I I it was.

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