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Radio 8 80. Tens of thousands of Californians are forced from their homes as crew battles. Wildfires. Thie households, a rare Saturday vote on Postal service funding to reverse the administration's cuts in service. Ahead of the election. A federal judge allows NYPD Officer discipline records to be made public. President Trump heads to North Carolina for AH hybrid nominating convention that will be partly virtual in sports. The weekend subway, Siri's is post bond over to covert cases and the Mets organization. We've got partly cloudy skies and 84 degrees on this Saturday, August 20 seconds. Good afternoon. I'm John my taxes. WCBS news time for 31. CBS News Brief. Hundreds of wildfires continue to burn in California, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes. Cal Fire's Lynette Round nearly two dozen large active fires here in the northern Portion of California we have over 13,000 firefighters out on the line. From fire to reign as tropical storms Laura and Marko head for the Gulf Coast, Mississippi governor take Reeves. What that means to you is should you need to get out? Should you need to move north? You need to make plans early to do so. Members of the House will vote on a bill to allocate $25 billion to the U. S Postal Service. House majority Whip it, Jim Clyburn says action needs to be taken. I think that the post office is important enough for us to do this. They're hoping to prevent any operational changes that could delay the delivery of mail in ballots in November. CBS News BRIEF. I'm Lisa Matteo. WCBS news Time for 32 more now on that house vote on Postal service funding. New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney deliver today's weekly Democratic address. We want the postmaster general to undo the damage he has already done. Put back the sorting machines and mailboxes he has already removed and prioritize official election male as first class mail. As it previously Wass president. Trump has admitted that he has been blocking $25 billion in assistance requested by the Postal Service because he is opposed to mail in voting. A federal judge has lifted a temporary restraining order allowing NYPD Officer discipline Records to be made public. WCBS is Christy COLLISION reports It's considered a historic moment for New York. Molly Big Line with the New York Civil Liberties Union. Think it's a really important moment for New York to be able to have this transparency. This is what You know, people who were marching in the streets you were advocating with their legislatures wanted with respect to the repeal of 50, a more than 320,000 NYPD disciplinary records are now available for the public to see in an online database this after unions representing law enforcement have fought to keep the records private. The records show that over 20,000 complaints have been substantiated. But on ly about 8000 led to an NYPD penalty. There's a real mismatch there, and I think this transparency is going to give great insight into the accountability or lack of accountability. By the police. The records on the database state back to the mid eighties Christie collision. WCBS News Radio 80, the city's police and Sergeants Benevolent Association's have not returned Our requests for comment. President Trump is heading to a North Carolina for the opening of the Republican National Convention. Last week's Democratic convention was fully virtual. But the Republican one next week will be a hybrid event with virtual components. CBS News Political correspondent Ed O'Keefe has Mohr, it turns out going virtual didn't hurt Democrats, at least when it comes to raising money convention at times resembling a star studded telethon help the biting campaign Ray $70 million. Democrats also.

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