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Her. The first days of the investigation of the Casey's Nickelodeon murder stretched into. The FBI had been working on this balance video trying to enhance the quality of the grainy black and white picture before leaving, which is home. One of the intruders removed a shirt that had been draped over his head, exposing his space to the hidden security camera in the living. The still photograph was made of the image along with an image of his accomplice who wore a ball cap and sunglasses. The pictures were sent back to Miramar, investigators and flyers were made the faces on it or enhance, but still low-quality. The flyers were sent to police departments across Florida. There was no immediate payoff and police were being tight lipped about their progress, but some information was starting to leak out to the press, but Tinto best was reporting for the sun sentinel and his police sources were slipping him information. They were chasing leaves that pointed in three different directions. Then, of course, there were there were rumors about. He'll just being a mob going bad because he's he's too young. Women were there that these are just Roberts that this is just a robbery that had ended up turning violent that they were really looking to score and it turned out to be something a little bit more than what they are. All the information about a possible connection between Butch casing and the mom was coming from police informants, but that's not all they also came from Bush himself. Fifty thousand dollars. That's how much Casey owed to the Gambino crime family, at least according to tips that were coming in to police. Some of those tips were from well established confidential. Informants. The tipsters told police that Bush had been warned to start paying up. That warning came a few months before his death along with a beat down that left him with bruised ribs. If that information was accurate, which had enemies. We are more police detective Ray black spent weeks, interviewing bushes, close friends and relatives, and the people he worked with from nineteen ninety-five. Deposition quote, I started to hear a pattern secorski began to make statements to people that implied that perhaps there was something going to happen to him. He also made statements to employees in the bar that he was going to be bigger news than OJ and quote. But kept questioning those who knew Butch best. Was he sick? Did he have any terminal disease? Had he mentioned receiving threats? Did he have a gambling problem? A drug problem, money problems. Did he ever mentioned owing money to a loan, shark? Was he involved with mobsters or drug traffickers. But detector black? Got nowhere only vague references to Bush's odd behavior shortly before his murder, and maybe even a foreshadowing of what was about to happen in Bush's own voice. See, Butch, Casey wasn't just videotaping his home with hidden security cameras. He also had a habit of recording calls that he made and received on his home phone. He saved the cassette tapes and police found them among the phone conversations. They listen to was one with Bush's son, Brian Bon what they heard was a worried anxious, Butch Casey and confirmation of possible mob connections. This call was recorded in the days before, which is murder. The audio quality is poor, but let's hear from Butch in his own voice. Here. You know, very, very. Fierce competition. I don't know what's gonna happen news shit. That mobsters and all kinds of shit. Fuck you. Yeah, but I got the guy that I got the. Yeah. Tough. Always. Something is never anything though with me Brian. You know, there's never anything though. Never a dull moment. Man, man, he tells his son Brian that he'd been depressed over the arrest of his buddy OJ. Simpson depressed very depressed. I'm depressed. My friend, jeez, Simpson, good. You know. Because you know. I was good friends with that guy. Yeah, they wanna go on TV and everything declined. Yeah. Depressing. Thanks for the call. Thanks to call for other shit. That was kinda bummed, you know. I know. I know Jay was pretty good follow, you know, kind of real good friend of mine. He led me a bunch of money when I needed it to, you know. Nice guy. Real real good, good guy. If you were the superstar, the world and your your wife, the woman had your children. You know, was going out with a twenty two year old or twenty four year old guy driving your car around. Would you be pissed off? Oh. Well, say no mar. Say, 'no on at one point in the conversation he tells Brian, he will be taken care of in Bush's will if anything ever happens to him. Anything ever happens to me raise the executive might state and you're there for good. Good. Alone. I said, if anything ever happened to me. You know, really? Yeah. I'm not saying anything is going to, but just in case. Twenty three years later, Brian bond remembers thinking that something sounded off with his father. During that phone call, he sounded tents, put it. We founded little tight. He was. He asked me if I could come down or if I, if I would think about coming down to help out in. I guess, work with them in the in the restaurant. You said a few things. Just things are getting fierce down here. Things are getting a little little. Use the word fierce. I don't remember what else he us, but it was almost like a foreshadowing something. That coming down the play. I felt a need that he was reaching out or at least giving me kind of subversive message that something wasn't good or something wasn't right. So he must've known, he must have known something was not right with the world that point. Ryan bond had only known his dad, which Casey for about ten years. He was the product of a high school romance that the eighteen year old Butch had with Brian smother the teenagers were never together and push was not part of Brian's childhood. Yeah, I actually had my first phone conversations with him. Probably the mid eighties. I live with my mother at the time and you know, we talked a bit about it. Just mentioning that I wanted to meet him at some point. You know, I was busy with my life. I was in college. It wasn't. It wasn't a good timing. She said, well, why don't you talk on the phone? So I ended up having some, you know, quite a few phone conversations and that went well. He seemed receptive to me and my existence as as you know, we talked a little bit about how things turned out and any case. So we talked on the phone and you know, we tried to make some. Future plans to to meet up at some point when it made sense. And so it really didn't happen until nineteen eighty seven. So I was finished college. He really had from what I could tell no reservations in getting to know me what I was doing when I was up to what I would what I wanted to do in the future. You know, as a as a son that actually made me feel pretty good. I should say as a. I don't wanna use the term long lost, but you know, son that hadn't been there with him. Finally, Brian bond had met his father to talked off in on the phone. Brian grew to like, Butch Casey. He was a good guy. Bryant bought one loving with a great sense of humor and Bush seem to like having his son in his life. He would be getting ready for work. And since the restaurant bar header only license, I'd get a phone call like around six in the morning, and it would be him and say, what's going on how you doing. Just kind of packing them walking up the place and wanted to give you a call. It was thinking about you kind of made me feel good, you know, like he, he wanted to get to, you know, get to talk with me and it's no meal a little better. So that was that was nice. So we made a plan. I said, well, you know, I'd like to come down for a little longer and and meet up with my grandmother and she was a sweetheart. It was Dottie. She was something she was special. It was a year or two later. It was eighty eight or eighty nine and it came down. I stayed with with him for a couple of days days. We had a good time. We had a nice time. It was, I guess you'd call it a bonding experience. He really had a different life though because of the restaurant and the hours that the restaurant was open. You know the all night license. So you really kinda had this sort of vampirish. Sort of existence where he would sleep. Well, you know, all morning basically then get moving in the afternoon, and then we'd go over to the restaurant in the afternoon and do that into the night. You know. And I never saw a man work a room like this guy, he would walk around the bar. He would stop and talk to everyone not just stop. I mean, have a conversation. Just harrying gauging he'd put his arm around people. He would. He would be smiling and talking, you know, always have a couple of one line or some jokes, and what have you. And I think he just really made people feel at home in his place and his element I never saw him in. So engage with people before. Something to see really.

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