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Distress well if you have sixty five million dollars lying around jackie o's martha's vineyard home is up for sale the sixty four hundred square foot home includes a four bedroom guesthouse a pool and a tennis court not to mention the three hundred forty acres and the mile long private beach suzanne sauce ville w._b._z. boston's newsradio business owners and professionals face special challenges in divorce court in addition to everything else going on they have to contend with allegations that they are earning more than they are coupled with claims on their business or practice itself attorney c._p._a. joe cordell ineffective defense often hinges on sophisticated strategies strategies relating to income tax projections business valuations spousal support claims clients with assets depend on their divorce lawyer skills in these matters and that's why it's so important to hire someone that has those skills the attorneys at cordell and cordell work to hopman protect their financial interests particularly in the face of complex asset division contact the domestic litigation firm of cordell and cordell to schedule an appointment with one of our firm's boston area turns a partner men can count on eight five seven two four two zero zero zero zero online at cordellcordell dot com that's cordellcordell dot com office in downtown boston started playing Wyatt for sound. Have a little conversation listening to a radio station. Every wire envy airway. Bradley. Bratcher sheen. It. You're on the air. Six one seven two five. Ten thirty to join. Jay talking. Jay. Ravings on WBZ..

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